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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Residential Life Newsletter 10-25-12

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October 25, 2012 


Living on Campus Next Year

Current residents living on campus have the opportunity to live on campus in 2013-2014. As a returning student, you may hand-pick your room for next year during Room Selection:

Same Room Sign-Up: Choose the same room you live in now between Monday, October 29 and Saturday, November 3.

Same Hall Sign-Up: Choose a room in the same hall/building you live in now between Monday, November 5 and
Saturday, November 10.

Any Room Sign-Up: Choose any available room or apartment in any residence community between Monday, November 12 and Sunday, March 31.

Hurry, Quantities are Limited
A limited number of each room type is available, and a maximum of 550 students may apply to return to on-campus housing.  Once this limit has been reached students may place their names on a returning student waiting list.  Don't miss your chance to live on campus next year!

Choose Your Room Online
Make your $250 prepayment, agree to the housing contract terms, and choose your space for next year all online.  You'll need:

  • Your TechID and PIN
  • A credit or debit card to make the prepayment

If you want to make your prepayment by cash, check, or money order, please come to the Residential Life office at 111 Carkoski Commons to make your payment PRIOR to choosing your room online.

Remember to carefully read the 2013-2014 Housing Contract before you agree to the terms.  You are entering into a legal agreement in effect for the entire academic year.  Once Residential Life has accepted your contract, the terms within both the contract and Residential Life Student Guide apply.

The $250 Prepayment
To secure your space for next year, you will need to make a $250 prepayment when you sign up.  Residential Life will apply this payment to your 2013-2014 fall room and board charges.  You may pay online with a credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover).  You may also make your payment by check, cash, or money order in the Residential Life office at 111 Carkoski Commons prior to choosing your room.

Having Problems Signing Up?
Visit the Residential Life office at 111 Carkoski Commons weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and we'll be happy to help you!

Live With Your Friends
When you sign up online, you may hold the space in your room for another current student who has not yet signed up.  You will need the other student's name and TechID to enter into your housing application.  When the other student logs in to E-services to apply, they will see that they have an "invitation" from you.  If you do not request a specific roommate, the other space in the room you have chosen will be available to other students signing up online.  A requested roommate space can be held through May 20.  After May 20, the hold will be released and another student will be assigned to the room.

If you are interested in signing up for a semi-suite or apartment with two or more other students, your group should try to all sign up at the same time.  Please contact the Department of Residential Life to place holds on the spaces if not all students will apply for the room at the same time and you wish to place holds on the spaces.

Changing Rooms
If you want to change your room after your initial sign-up, stop by the Resdiential Life office at 111 Carkoski Commons before Friday, May 10.  Room changes must be completed in the Residential Life office in person.  Do NOT cancel your room and attempt to sign up again.

Resident Meal Plan Options
Residents may choose from several dining options each year.  Each meal plan has two components: meals and Flex Dollars.  All students living on campus must choose a meal plan.  Meal plans for next year have not yet been finalized.  You will have the opportunity to choose a meal plan beginning in March.

2013-2014 Academic Year Room and Board Rates
Room Types Available
Special Accommodations
Cancellation Deadlines 


Thanksgiving Break Housing

Sign up at the front desk of your residence community between October 25 and November 16 to stay in your room over Thanksgiving Break.

There is no charge to stay on campus during Thanksgiving Break.  The halls will be locked for the break at 7:00 p.m.  Wednesday, November 21 and will reopen at noon Sunday, November 25.  Food service ends on November 21 at 6:00 p.m. and begins again at 4:30 p.m. on November 25 for the evening meal.


Graduating or Leaving Campus?

If you plan to leave the University for any reason, including graduation, you must complete and turn in a Contract Release Request form to the Residential Life office no later than 4:30 p.m. Monday, November 26.  After this day, approved Contract Release requests are subject to an additional $20 administrative charge.  See page 33 of your Residential Life Student Guide or online at for more information about contract releases and situations under which releases are granted.


Changing Rooms for Spring Semester

If you would like to move to a different room for spring semester, submit your request to the front desk of your community by noon Friday, December 7.  If you are changing rooms for spring semester, you must move to your spring room before Winter Break begins.  Room change opportunities resume Monday, January 28.


Staying on Campus During Winter Break

All current residents who will also live on campus spring semester may stay during the break.  If you are changing rooms for spring semester, you must move to your spring room before the break begins.  The communities close for Winter Break at 7:00 p.m. Friday, December 7.  The communities reopen for returning students at 8:00 a.m. Friday, January 11.

Residents of Crawford, McElroy, Preska, and Julia Sears

Register in the Residential Life office between Monday, November 12 and Friday, December 7 to be eligible for the early sign-up rate of $300.  Those who register after December 7 pay $350.

Residents of Stadium Heights

Register in the Residential Life office between Monday, November 12 and Friday, December 7.  The Winter Break fee has already been included in the Stadium Heights apartment rate, so there is no additional charge to stay provided you register for Winter Break housing by December 7.


Be a CA in the Spring of 2013! 

Have you lived on campus for two full semesters by the conclusion of this semester? Are you looking to gain more leadership experience? Would you like to help current residents have a great spring semester? Consider applying to be a CA for the Spring Semester 2013!

Spring Community Advisor Applications are available on the "employment" section of the Residence Life website between October 29-November 12.

Do you have questions about being a CA? If so, ask your Community Advisor and your Hall Director. Do you have questions about the selection process to be a CA for Spring 2013? 
Email Jamie Van-Boxel at


Fill Out Your Survey For a Chance to Win an iPad!

You should have recently received an email request to fill out an electronic survey about your experience living in the residence communities.

This survey focuses on many areas of your residential living experience.  While we hope you indicate you are satisfied with most areas of your experience living on campus this year, we look forward to hearing from you about the areas in which we can improve. 

When you complete the residence community experience survey, you will have a chance to win an iPad!

In addition, the floor in each residence community with the highest completion percentage of BOTH this survey and the CA survey from earlier this month, will win a $100 pizza party from Residential Life! Your observations are important factors in recognizing the positive contributions of CAs and helping them improve in areas that impact you and your living community.


Maverick 160 Meal Plan: Convert Meals to Flex Dollars

Students with the Maverick 160 meal plan may convert any of the 160 meals a semester into Flex Dollars at a rate of $5.10 per meal, twice a semester (by November 30 for fall semester).  Stop by the Residential Life office at 111 Carkoski Commons or Convert Meals to Flex Dollars online.


Political Campaign Guidelines

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6.  As a state institution, specific guidelines are established for campaigning on behalf of candidates for local, county, state, and national offices.  You can choose to post a "no campaigning" sign on your room door; signs are available at the front desk of your community.

Guidelines and the required application form for candidates who wish to campaign in the residence communities can be found on the Residential Life "Additional Resources" webpage.


Election Day 2012

Election Day 2012 may be your first chance ever to vote. 

Crawford, Julia Sears, McElroy and Preska residents will vote in the Margaret R. Preska Residence Community lounge by the front desk.

Stadium Heights residents will be voting at the Blue Earth County Highway Department, 35 Map Drive.

Only residents of Crawford, Julia Sears, McElroy, and Preska will be voting at the Preska polling station, so it will be a quick and convenient way to cast your ballot.  The Blue Earth County Highway Department polling station also includes other community residents.  If you have not pre-registered to vote, just go to your polling location with a valid MavCARD and you can register on election day.  Polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, November 6. 


Insects Wander Indoors During Fall

The Department of Residential Life diligently tracks reports of insects entering buildings during the fall. Three types of insects typically wander indoors this time of year.  Asian lady beetles, also known as ladybugs, and Box Elder bugs gather on exterior surfaces and sometimes find their way inside.  Vacuuming or sweeping them up is recommended, and you can check out a small vacuum at your community front desk.  "No-see-ums" can pass through window screens, and may enter in greater quantities if a fan in the window is blowing into the room.  Mosquito repellents prevent bites from no-see-ums, and they will no longer be a problem with the arrival of freezing temperatures.


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