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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

MavCARD Access System

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MavCARD Access System

The card access system allows residents of a community to enter designated areas of their community with their MavCARD.

Caring for Your MavCARD

MavCARDs contain an antenna coil that communicates to a proximity reader. Special care must be taken of your MavCARD. Any of the following will damage the card and are not considered natural wear and tear. There will be a replacement fee charged for a new MavCARD.
• Do not leave your MavCARD in direct sunlight or on the dash of a car.
• Do not expose to extreme heat or open flame. For example, clothes dryers or clothes irons.
• Do not machine wash.
• Do not use as an ice scraper or scraping tool.
• Do not crimp, bend, or twist card.
• Do not re-laminate.
• Do not pound with a pen or tool.
• Do not punch a slot or hole in the card.

Help Keep Our Campus Secure

The card access system works only if everyone follows the guidelines that promote safety. To make sure everyone in your community and the communities you visit remains safe and secure, remember:
• Do not prop doors open.
• Do not lend your MavCARD to someone else or borrow someone else's card.
• Do not let someone else into the community just because that person is standing right behind you as you let yourself in — or is standing outside the door as you let yourself out. Also, when entering or exiting the community, don't allow a person to catch the door and hold it open to let himself/herself in.

The only way to ensure safety is to make sure the door closes behind you, so that everyone entering the community has to either use an access card or call a resident to be let inside. Not holding the door open for others may seem rude, but it's the only way to make sure that everyone who enters the community has a legitimate reason to be there.
• Do not expect or ask people entering or leaving a community to hold the door open for you. Use your MavCARD if you live there, or, if you don't, call a resident to let you in.
• Be alert and aware. Report any strange, suspicious or unusual behavior or events to University Security. Stadium Heights residents should report these concerns to the Stadium Heights Property Owner office.
• If the card access system is not working, report the problem (see Card Not Working, below) and be patient until it is working again.

Card Operation

The card access system is easy to use. Simply pass your MavCARD in front of a proximity reader (black box located near designated entrances). The red light will change to green. At the same time, you will hear a click of the mechanism, which enables you to open the door. You may then enter the building. As the door shuts and locks, the system resets automatically. 

Card Not Working

When your MavCARD is held near a card reader, you should hear a beep and see the light on the card reader change from solid red to solid green. If the light flashes, your MavCARD was not recognized or access has not been granted to that area. If a card reader denies you access to an area you are authorized to enter, be sure to present your MavCARD to the reader by itself. If your MavCARD is near another proximity card, it may not work properly. Wait ten seconds and try your MavCARD again. If access continues to be denied, note the following:
• Date and time of the problem.
 • Building and door.
• Response from card reader – does the reader beep and flash, stay solid red, or do nothing at all?

Residents of Crawford, Julia Sears, McElroy and Preska: During business hours (M-F 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) go to the Residential Life office (111 Carkoski Commons). After business hours call University Security at 507-389-2111.

Residents of Stadium Heights: Contact the Property Owner office at 507-388-5167.

Card Replacement

During business hours go to the MavCARD office (117 Centennial Student Union) to obtain a replacement card. Replacement fees apply and a new card will be issued upon receipt of the replacement fee. Replacement card fees cannot be billed to a student account. Make sure you bring a driver's license, state ID or passport for identification purposes.

After business hours contact University Security at 507-389-2111 to report your card as lost, stolen or damaged. When business hours resume, go to the MavCARD office to obtain a replacement card. Until a replacement card is issued, make sure you have returned to your community before exterior doors are locked, or make sure you are with a resident who will be able to assist you in gaining access to the community. 

University Dining and Your MavCARD

University Dining Locations

Carkoski Dining Hall The Carkoski Dining Hall is located in Carkoski Commons between Crawford and McElroy. The dining center is an all-you-care-to eat area where students on a meal plan and other customers can enjoy a meal. The menu changes daily and offers a wide variety of entrees and daily favorites from which to choose. After you sign up for a meal plan, you can gain access to the dining hall by using your MavCARD. The Centennial Student Union (CSU) offers a wide variety of choices on two floors. Dining outlets accept cash, checks, credit card, MavCASH, and Dining Dollars. Hours of availability are posted in the CSU. Chet's Place is located in Carkoski Commons. Students are able to enjoy a convenience store and grill at this location. The 1872 Grill in Julia Sears features a grill, deli, and convenience store.

Dining Dollars

Using Dining Dollars, you can make purchases in all University Dining Services locations by presenting your MavCARD to the cashier. Your purchase is deducted from your account and your current balance is shown on the receipt, so it is easy for you to keep track of your money. If you are unsure of your current balance at any time, just ask a cashier to scan your card. Balances can be displayed without making a purchase. Whenever your balance runs low, you can add Dining Dollars to your account. You are welcome to use your Dining Dollars to purchase a meal for your friends, however, you may not give your MavCARD to a friend to make purchases for you. University Dining Services cannot take responsibility for someone using a MavCARD that is lost or stolen.

In-Room Meals

If you are sick and not able to come to the dining hall you may give your MavCARD to another student on a board plan to obtain a To-Go meal. That student will need to provide your MavCARD and his/her own MavCARD to the dining room manager.

MavCARD Loss

If your MavCARD is lost or stolen, contact the MavCARD office immediately to obtain a replacement card and Dining Services for a temporary meal pass. This is the only way you’ll be able to eat in the dining areas without paying cash. Also, by contacting University Dining Services immediately, your card can be invalidated so that no one else can spend your Dining Dollars or use the allotted meals on your plan. Temporary meal passes are $1 and are valid for three days. If your original MavCARD has not been found by the third day you must obtain a new MavCARD from the MavCARD office.