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Minnesota State University, Mankato

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 2014 Summer On-Campus Housing Details Available March 2014.


Read on for important details about applying for Summer 2013 Housing,
the assignment process, and different housing options.

[PDF] Download the Summer Housing Information Flier  (295 KiB) 

Download the Summer Housing Application (broken link)

Download the Summer Housing Contract (broken link)

Summer Housing for Stadium Heights Residents


Summer 2013 Housing is available for students enrolled in at least one summer course at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Space is limited and assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Interim I Housing is available from Saturday, May 11 through Friday, May 17 for individuals currently living in the residence communities and enrolled for a class that begins on Monday, May 20. Interim II Housing is available for individuals with a Fall Semester 2013-2014 housing contract who are also enrolled in a course ending on or after Friday, July 26.

Summer Housing Calendar  

Reserve a space in Summer Housing
In the Department of Residential Life office from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday. Reservations are also accepted by mail.

Receive your room assignment
On or after Friday, April 26, you will be notified of your room assignment, room type, and roommate information. 

Interim Housing I
Current residents may contract to stay in the residence communities from Saturday, May 11 to Friday, May 17 and move to their summer session rooms on Sunday, May 12 and Monday, May 13.

Summer Session
Communities open for students moving in on Saturday, May 18 and close Friday, July 26.

Five-week Module I
Communities open for students moving in on Saturday, May 18. The housing term ends Friday, June 21.

Five-week Module II
Communities open for students moving in on Saturday, June 22. The housing term ends Friday, July 26.

Two-week and Three-week Modules
Halls open the Saturday prior to each module and close the last Friday of each module.

Interim Housing II
Students living on campus Friday, July 26 who also have a 2013-2014 Housing Contract may apply to stay on campus from Saturday, July 27 through Wednesday, August 21. Students should plan to move to their fall semester rooms on Monday,
August 19.  The residence communities open for fall semester on Thursday, August 22.


Summer and Interim Housing for 2013 is available in Crawford B Hall. Each room includes an air conditioner.  Each floor has a study lounge, a kitchen, and private shower areas.

The following floors will be available for summer housing:

Crawford B1
Crawford B3

Crawford B2
Crawford B4

All Minnesota State Mankato Residence Communities are smokefree.

Room Types  

Four types of rooms are available: doubles, singles, full-bath suites and superdoubles. Full-bath suites and superdoubles are very limited and are available on a first-come-first-served basis.




Applying For Summer Housing   


Complete the Summer 2013 Housing Application. Indicate your preference on the application regarding room type. Due to limited space, we cannot guarantee we will be able to honor your room type request or make a guarantee of roommate compatibility.




Carefully read both sides of the Housing Contract. It is a binding agreement for the duration of the period indicated on your application. Sign and date the bottom of the contract. If you are under 18 years of age, a guardian's signature is also required.




Return your Housing Application and the Housing Contract, along with your payment, to the Department of Residential Life (111 Carkoski Commons). You will receive your copy of the contract when you are notified of your room assignment and room type on or after Friday, April 26.


Rates and Payment

Payment of the double room rate is due in full at the time of application for Interim Housing or Five-, Three-, or Two-Week Modules. One half of the double room rate is due at the time of application for the full 10-week session. The remaining balance is due per the payment option you arrange with Student Financial Services.




Full-Bath Suite


Interim I Housing
(May 11 - May 17)





Summer Session
(10 weeks)





Five-week Module I
(May 18 - June 21)





Five-week Module II
(June 22 - July 26)





Per Three-week Module





Per Two-week Module





Interim II Housing
(July 27 - August 21)





Entire Summer
(May 11 - August 21)





*Rates have been reduced for housing during Interim sessions because of potential scheduled maintenance inconveniences. Such maintenance may result in, but is not limited to: periods of no hot water, more distant parking due to lot paving, and closure of public spaces for renovation.


Contracts may be cancelled without financial obligation if written notice of cancellation is received by Residential Life 14 days prior to your move-in date. Written notice of cancellation received by Residential Life less than 14 days prior to your move-in date will result in a charge of $30.


Contact the Department of Residential Life