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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Recognized Student Organizations (RSO)

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Reservation Request Process

RSO’s must be recognized through Student Activities prior to requesting meeting space or additional event venues. Upon recognition, meeting space and event venue requests may be made via the Virtual EMS web site.



Please note:


  • Priority Reservation Requests are semester-based – you may only request one semester at a time.
  • Reservation Requests for the next semester are allowed near the end of the current semester. Check with University Scheduling and Conference Services for specific dates when the next semester Reservation Requests may be made.
  • CSU room use is limited to a maximum of 5 hours per week per RSO.





Make a reservation request via Virtual EMS web site:


  • Log in with RSO email address and password
  • Under “Reservations” select
    • RSO Executive Meetings
    • RSO General Meetings

Follow the on-line instructions to complete the Reservation Request process. The University Scheduling and Conference Service office will review your Reservation Request and send a confirmation to the email address entered on the request.


For best results, before making a Reservation Request, assemble the following information:


  • Event Date (s)
  • Event Time (start and end times as well as set-up and tear down times)
  • Event Name
  • Sponsoring Organization: department, RSO, etc.
  • Attendee Estimate
  • Room Set-up Style (theater, classroom, round dining tables, square, conference, etc.)
  • Resources required (flip chart, podium, microphone, etc.)
  • Your contact information (full name and cell phone number)
  • Your campus e-mail address (have your e-mail forwarded if you don't use the campus address) as we will send your confirmation to your campus address instead of a private address.
  • Catering (contact University Dining Services to ensure your needs are met)
  • Parking (if participants do not have MSU parking permits, we need to know)
  • Traffic Control Needs
  • Technician needs
  • Security needs


Reservation Request Status

Reservation Request status may be monitored via the Virtual EMS web site. Log in to the Virtual EMS web site with your RSO email address and password. Under Reservations, select “View My Requests” to see the status of each reservation request.