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University Dining Services has exclusive rights to cater all functions in the Centennial Student Union.

Centennial Student Union Fees

Student Union Facility Rental Fees
Non-profit organizations, students (MSU current and alumni) and MSU employees should contact University Scheduling and Conference Services for special rental fees.

Preset Standard Rooms*

CSU 123                                                                                                        $45.00
CSU 150 Ostrander Auditorium                                                              $325.00
CSU 191                                                                                                        $45.00
CSU 201 Searing                                                                                          $50.00
CSU 202 Cooper                                                                                           $50.00
CSU 203 Buck                                                                                               $50.00
CSU 204 Nichols                                                                                           $50.00
CSU 238 Nickerson                                                                                    $150.00
CSU 256                                                                                                        $50.00

*  Furniture moved to host an event will result in a furniture movement charge of $25.00.

Adaptable Rooms

CSU 021 Hearth Lounge*                                                                        $150.00
CSU 033 Flexible Programming Space                                                     $75.00
CSU 101 Heritage*                                                                                    $150.00
CSU 108 Lincoln Lounge*                                                                          $50.00
CSU 200NE                                                                                                 $100.00
CSU 200NW                                                                                               $100.00
CSU 200SE                                                                                                  $100.00
CSU 200SW                                                                                                $100.00
CSU 200C                                                                                                    $575.00
CSU 200NE + 200NW (Combined Rooms)                                            $575.00
CSU 200SE + 200SW (Combined Rooms)                                              $575.00
CSU 200NE + 200NW + 200C (Combined Rooms)                               $775.00
CSU 200SE + 200SW + 200C (Combined Rooms)                                $775.00
CSU 200NE + 200NW + 200SE + 200SW + 200C (Combined Rooms)        $1000.00
CSU 245                                                                                                        $125.00
CSU 253                                                                                                        $50.00
CSU 254                                                                                                        $50.00
CSU 255A                                                                                                      $50.00
CSU 255B                                                                                                      $50.00
CSU 253 + 254 (Combined Rooms)                                                          $80.00
CSU 254 + 255A + 255B (Combined Rooms)                                          $80.00
CSU 253 + 254 + 255A + 255B (Combined Rooms)                            $175.00
CSU 2000E Ballroom Lobby*                                                                     $75.00

*  Preset furniture moved to host an event will result in a preset room movement charge:
Reset CSU 021 Hearth Lounge                                                                  $75.00
Reset CSU 101 Heritage Room                                                                $150.00
Reset CSU 108 Lincoln Lounge                                                               $100.00
Reset CSU 2000E Ballroom Lobby                                                            $75.00

Student Union Bullpen Rental Fees
The Maverick Bullpen is available for private parties by contact the Bullpen at 507-389-1221.

Bowling Area                                                                                             $120.00
Billiards Area                                                                                                $70.00
Bowling + Billiards Area (Combined Space)                                         $175.00

Student Union Extended Hours Fees
Parties scheduling an event in the Centennial Student Union which exceeds established building hours will be assessed a minimum fee for each hour or part of an hour the building is used.

Recognized Student Organizations                                         $20.00 per hour  
University Departments                                                            $40.00 per hour
General Public                                                                            $40.00 per hour

Student Union Media and Technology Fees
Technical support is required for events in the ballroom and Ostrander Auditorium when audio, visual, or lighting equipment is needed. Technical support in other locations is provided as requested.

Student Labor
Recognized Student Organizations                                       $10.00 per hour*
University Departments                                                            $15.00 per hour
General Public                                                                            $20.00 per hour

Professional Labor
Recognized Student Organizations                                       $30.00 per hour*
University Departments                                                            $30.00 per hour
General Public                                                                            $30.00 per hour

*  Recognized Student Organizations pay media and technology fees when the ballroom and/or Ostrander Auditorium are used.  In other locations, Recognized Student Organizations pay media and technology fees for rehearsals.

Media and Technology Supplies
Metal Black and White Lighting Gobo                                  $100.00 per hour
Glass Color Lighting Gobo                                                      $300.00 per hour
Sound System Rental                                                               $50.00 per event

Basic Event Package                                                                             $125.00
Includes:  One technician for event support, use of projection system for slideshow or video, use of house audio and up to two wireless microphones, and choice of three basic lighting presets.

Advanced Event Package                                                                    $250.00
Includes:  up to two technicians for lighting and event support, use of projection system and WATCHOUT software, four hours of WATCHOUT media setup, use of house audio and up to four wireless microphones, and basic lighting presets and additional lighting design.

Student Union Non-Cancellation Fees
Parties who reserve facilities but do not use or cancel their reservation within the required notification period will be responsible for a cancellation charge and incurred setup charges.

Preset Standard Rooms                                                                             $10.00
Adaptable Flexible Rooms                           $25.00 + incurred setup charges

Student Union Furniture and Equipment Fees


Recognized Student Organizations

University Departments

General Public

Single Chair/Theater Style




Single Table




Round Table + 8 Chairs




Fair Table + 2 Chairs




Stage Section








Table Skirt








Student Union Service Fees

Operated Lift                                                                                                                         $100
Cleaning                                                                                                             $15.00 per hour
Receiving and Delivery                                                                                                     $25.00
Setup                                                                                                                  $25.00 per hour

Black and White Photocopies                                                           $0.10 each