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In order to realize a fair and efficient use of the Centenial Students Union, the following guidelines are utilized for space reservations and space usage.

Event and Meeting Cancellations

Individuals or organizations that reserve space in the Student Union and then fail to use that space will be charged a non-cancellation fee and any applicable labor charges. Failure to cancel space requests that occur as part of a regularly reoccurring reservation may result in loss of all associated reservation requests.

  • Rooms or Conference spaces requiring special set-ups must be cancelled three working days in advance of the event or a $25.00 non-cancellation fee or incurred set up charges (whichever is greater) will be charged.
  • Meeting Rooms that have a “standard” set up must be cancelled one working day in advance or a $10.00 non-cancellation fee will be charged.
  • Individuals or organizations will have two weeks to pay an incurred non-cancellation fee before losing all associated future requests.
  • When an event or meeting must be canceled due to weather emergencies or last minute performer cancellations the sponsoring group will be exempt from this policy.
  • Failure to cancel unneeded space may result in loss of rights to reserve space in the student union for a period of time.