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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Rules & Regulations

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The Southern Minnesota Regional Science & Engineering Fair Program is affiliated with the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) Program. As such, the fair follows the rules set-forth by Intel ISEF. The following will guide you through:

  1. Scientific Review of Project
    1. Rules Wizard
    2. Checklist and Flowchart
    3. SRC Project Forms
  2. Scientific Review Committee (SRC) – Form Approval
    1. Local and Affiliate Fair SRC Form Approval
  3. Team Projects
  4. SRC Project Form Submission
  5. Display and Safety
  6. Contact Scientific Review Committee (SRC)

***The SRC Process outlined below is separate from the Science Fair Registration Process.***

1. Scientific Review of Project

To document compliance with the rules, you are required to complete a series of forms PRIOR to the start of your project. These forms are called SRC Project Forms. SRC stands for the Scientific Review Committee, which is explained in a section below.

SRC Project Forms required before beginning ANY project include:

  • Form 1: Checklist for Adult Sponsor
  • Form 1A: Student Checklist
  • Form 1A (Page 2): Research Plan/Project Summary
  • Form 1B: Approval Form

Some projects will require additional forms and IRB/SRC approval PRIOR to beginning the project. Common reasons for needing additional forms and prior approval include projects involving:

  • Biological tissues (including spit, blood, etc.),
  • Microorganisms,
  • Hazardous chemicals/activities,
  • Human participants/subjects,
  • Vertebrate animals,
  • Conducted in a research institute, or
  • Continuation of previous year's project.

After completion of the project, you are required to submit an Official Abstract. Some projects may require other additional forms.

You must also bring a copy of your SRC Project Forms with you on fair day. You should always keep the originals. We will not print forms for you the day of the fair.

When completing all forms, be careful about all dates entered – specifically those on Form 1A, Form 1B, and Form 1C. Some dates must be before or after the start/end dates of your project. Read the directions carefully by each date field. 

Rules Wizard

The Intel ISEF Rules Wizard is a helpful tool that will tell you what forms are required for your specific project. It is recommended that ALL students use the Rule Wizard before starting a project.

Checklist and Flowchart

Two resources to help you through this process are the [PDF] Scientific Review Process Checklist (185 KiB) and [PDF] Project Flowchart (153 KiB). It is recommended that you use these resources continually as you begin and progress through your project.

SRC Project Forms

All SRC Project Forms can be downloaded HERE. It is recommended that your save each form to your computer before typing in it as some forms will not keep typed text if your save after typing.

2.    Scientific Review Committee (SRC) – Form Approval

The Scientific Review Committee (SRC) is a formal group of education and scientific professionals that review students SRC Project Forms for compliance with the Intel ISEF and regional fair rules. The Institutional Review Board is a formal group of education and scientific professionals that review students SRC Project Forms for compliance related specifically to studies with human participants rules. Most of the time the SRC and IRB are a joint committee.

Local and Affiliate Fair SRC Form Approval

Most schools have a local SRC/IRB that will review and approve your SRC Project Forms before submitting them to the MSU SRC/IRB through the submission process below. The MSU SRC/IRB is the affiliate to the Intel ISEF.

On Form 1B: Approval Form, the local SRC/IRB should complete section 2, while the affiliate SRC/IRB at MSU will complete section 3 of the form.

In order to eliminate conflict of interest, the Adult Sponsor, parents, the Qualified Scientist, and the Designated Supervisor must not serve on the local or affiliate SRC reviewing that project.

A copy of the SRC Project Forms must be submitted to the Minnesota State University, Mankato SRC/IRB by the deadline date listed under Registration and Important Dates.

Direct any SRC/IRB related questions to

3.    Team Projects

Teams may consist of no more than three (3) individuals. Once a project has started, members cannot be added or removed. If the project advances to the Minnesota State Science and Engineering Fair, all members must register and pay the registration fee, even if a member will not be attending the fair. Team project rules can be accessed HERE.

4.    2018 SRC Project Forms Submission – Middle/High School ONLY

SRC Forms 1, 1A, 1B, etc.:

**Due January 10, 2019**

Abstract and any POST-Project SRC Forms:
**Due January 27, 2019**

5.    Display and Safety

Your project display must meet all Intel ISEF Display and Safety Regulations, which can be accessed HERE. Prior to the start of judging on the day of the fair, a Display and Safety Inspector will review your project display using the [PDF] Display and Safety Checklist (99 KiB). It is strongly recommended that before coming to the fair, you inspect your project display using the [PDF] Display and Safety Checklist (99 KiB) that will be used by the inspector.

6. Contact Scientific Review Committee (SRC)

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact

Please note: From the evening of December 19 through December 23, Minnesota State Mankato e-mail services will be unavailable due to a system upgrade. We will not be able to send or receive email those days.