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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Area Access

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Beginning in 2018, we are using a new system for authorizing building and room access. Instead of filling out paper passes, departments can submit the spreadsheet below to us listing the individuals that should be allowed access to their areas. Departments can add and remove people as frequently as they like. We will just copy and paste the information into our database as we get it.

Your feedback is an important part of this change so let us know if you have any questions. Email us at .

For departments providing access.

Want a student to have access to space that belongs to your department?

  1. Fill out the sections in this form: Area Access Authorization Form.xlsx
  2. Send the completed form to
  3. University Security will provide access when requested from the student. 

For students that have been given access by a department.

  1. During business hours: go to the department office and request to be let in by department staff.
  2. After business hours: Call University Security (507-389-2111)
  3. Tell the dispatcher you would like to be let into a building and room. Provide your name and where you will meet the Officer.
  4. Provide your MavCard to the responding Officer.

Best practices for departments

Departments are encouraged to keep a master list of those authorized, so they can refer to the list when providing access during business hours.

You can send the master list to University Security each time you add or remove access for a student. Be sure to make it clear which individuals are new to the list. For example you could use a different color font, or highlight cells of new individuals to your master list when sending it to University Security.