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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Customer Survey

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Please take a moment to complete the following survey. The information you furnish will provide the foundation for evaluating, and improving our service. It will take approximately 10 minuites of your time. Your opinion is important to us.

Please indicate your status at MSU

Have you ever been a victim of a crime on campus?

What method did you use to contact Security, when you reported your incident?

How satisfied were you with the manner in which the Security Dispatcher handled your call or request for service at 2111?

Do you feel the presence of MSU Security on campus?

If Yes, how? In what way? (Check all that apply)


What security services are you aware of? (check all that apply)

To what extent do you feel safe on campus?

Do you know where the Security Office is located?

In general, what is your opinion of the quality of security services provided by the Security Department?

What level of confidence do you have that Security can handle any safety/security problem you may have on campus?

How satisfied were you with the services provided by the uniformed officer who assisted at the scene?

Please check the rating that best describes your evaluation of this uniformed officer.

Friendly and Courteous:






Are you aware of the MSU Annual Security Report (Partners in Safety)?

How concerned are you about the following situations at MSU?

Having your dorm/office burglarized:

Walking the campus:

Strangers loitering on campus:

Illegal parking:

Car horns/stereos/alarms:

Illegal dumping/litter:

Speeding cars/failing to stop at stop signs:

Pedestrians Jaywalking:

Vandalism/ Graffiti:

Cyclists/Skateboards on sidewalks:

For a direct reply:

Thank You for your Feedback

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