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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Tornado Shelters

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Please remember to stay away from glass windows in any of the locations listed below. The shelter areas in these buildings are accessible anytime that the outside building doors are open.

  • Alumni and Foundation:  First floor restrooms, break room, mail room and inner hallway. Alternate Phone-a-Thon room.
  • Andreas Observatory:  Under the telescope, corridor and restrooms
  • Armstrong Hall:  Basement corridors, restrooms and classrooms #4, 38A, 39, 40 and 45
  • Blakeslee Stadium:  Grounds shop west bleachers/Taylor Center basement, corridors and stairwells.
  • Carkoski Commons:  North and West basement corridors
  • Crawford Residence CommunityLaundry room in Crawford Center, North and West basement corridors in Carkoski Commons basement.
  • Clinical Sciences Building- Basement corridors. 
  • Dining Center- Basement corridors between Dining Center and Carkoski Commons. 
  • Ford Hall:  North side- interior classrooms; (additional location, Trafton South main floor.)
  • Highland Complex:  Otto Recreation Center restrooms/locker rooms, Myers Field House restrooms (at no time should any portion of the open arena and/or concourse areas be utilized as shelter locations)
  • Highland North:  Highland North West corridor and locker rooms (additional locations in Highland Complex and Trafton)
  • Julia A. Sears Residence Community:  Interior restrooms of suites, lower level service corridor.
  • Leonard A. Ford Hall:  North side interior classrooms.  Additional location- Trafton South main floor. 
  • Margaret R. Preska Residence Community:  Basement corridors for main floor office/meeting room occupants; interior restrooms for residents.
  • McElroy Residence CommunityMcElroy F Hall laundry room and McElroy lower level service corridor (access through the stairways leading to the lower level of McElroy).
  • Memorial Library:  Stairwells - basement level
  • Morris Hall:  East stairwell - first floor landing and basement, MH102, MH103 and MH east stairwell
  • Nelson Hall / Conkling:  Lower level - corridor and restrooms (Conkling occupants should use Nelson Hall shelters)
  • Outdoor Recreation Fields: West building between women's soccer and softball fields.  Inside hallway and restrooms. 
  • Pennington Hall:  Restrooms
  • Performing Arts and Andreas Theater:  Basement, restrooms, and Andreas Theater basement
  • Student Union and AdditionBasement includes bowling alley, billiards, table tennis, game room (Secondary shelter for after hours is the NW corner stairwell)
  • Taylor Center:  Basement, corridors and stairwells (at no time should any portion of the open arena and/or concourse areas be utilized as shelter locations)
  • Trafton Center:  First floor corridor and center lecture hall rooms C122, C123, and C128 away from the windows
  • Trafton East:  First floor corridor south wall outside rooms E120-E123 and restrooms, away from windows.
  • Trafton North:  First floor corridor and interior classrooms/labs, away from windows.   
  • Trafton South:  First floor corridor and interior classrooms/labs, away from windows.
  • Utility Plant:  Restroom
  • Wiecking CenterBasement mechanical room, restrooms, and corridor by the Children's House (WC B100S).
  • Wigley Administration Center:  Restrooms (additional location in Student Union—SU Basement includes bowling alley, billiards, table tennis, game room and restrooms)
  • Wissink Hall:  ACC classrooms #115-116 and #125-125A and restrooms (266) (additional location in Trafton first floor corridor and center lecture halls) away from windows.