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Star Alert Emergency Notification System

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Star Alert is an emergency cell phone text messaging service to notify you quickly in the event of campus emergencies that threaten life, safety and/or severely impact standard campus operations.

More Details

In an emergency, Star Alert will send a text message to the cell number you provide and to your MavMAIL e-mail address. Notifications identified as "Star Alert" messages will note the nature of the emergency, what action, if any, you are to take, and where to find more information. Star Alert  will also notify you if campus is closed or if classes are delayed or cancelled.

The Star Alert system will only be used in emergency situations. Subscribers can cancel at any time. The university encourages every student and employee to subscribe to Star Alert.  Also note that a test message will be sent once each semester. 

Subscribe Now

Star Alert is a FREE service unless charges apply for incoming text messages on your cell phone. Participants must be able to receive text or e-mail messages on their cell phones.

 There are two ways to subscribe. (StarID is needed for login)

1) Students, faculty and staff can subscribe to Star Alert or change a text message number after logging in to

2) Students who log into e-student services (once within a180 day period) will be asked to subscribe to Star Alert

After you subscribe, a test text message will be sent to your phone immediately to ensure your text number was entered correctly.

Family Members

Family members can subscribe to Family Star Alert by texting the word FAMILY to phone number 69310. [NOTE: send this text message from the phone you wish to receive Family Star Alert text messages] A confirmation message will be sent to the phone. To unsubscribe to Family Star Alert, text STOP to phone number 69310.

While family members will not receive the same message as students, faculty and staff that are on campus, they will be alerted to the emergency and urged to have contact with their student to verify their safety. For instance, students that are enrolled for Star Alert will receive text messages regarding the incident, some instructions and possibly follow up messages. Family member that enroll will only receive the initial message notifying them of the situation that is occurring and where to get more information. Additionally, family members will not be notified of weather related class cancellations. Also note that a test message will be sent once each semester.

Other Forms Of Emergency Notification

Star Alert is one of several ways students, faculty and staff will be notified of a campus emergency. Depending on the nature and severity of the emergency, other methods of communication could include:

  • Audio broadcast over campus telephones, fire alarms and P. A. systems.
  • Star Alert text message
  • E-mail message to MavMAIL addresses
  • Alerts on Minnesota State University, Mankato web site

 If you have problems subscribing to Star Alert, visit the ITS Help Desk on 3rd floor of Memorial Library.

September 2014 Note:

Minnesota State Mankato will change texting providers to Blackboard Connect September 24th to improve notification speed and reliability of emergency messages.

NOTE: students, faculty and staff currently subscribed to StarALERT will NOT have to do anything. All numbers will be migrated to Blackboard Connect.

If you DON’T receive a welcome message on Wednesday, September 24th, check your subscription by going to MSU e-accounts at and check your mobile phone number under StarALERT.