Personal Safety Alerts

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Personal Safety Alerts are incidents that happen on or near campus that may involve an ongoing threat to the campus community. ONLY reports filed with University Security are posted on this site. 


Personal Safety Alert-Sexual Assault 01/22/2015

Update 01/23/2015: University Security was contacted and provided additional information about the previously reported alleged sexual assault that occurred in late November, 2014. An alleged suspect has been identified and is reported to have been an acquaintance of the victim. Law enforcement has been notified and University officials are investigating. Original Posting: Late Friday evening (01/16/2015) University Security was sent an anonymous report of an alleged sexual assault that occurred at McElroy Residence Community in late November, 2014. Limited information about the assault was received. We are urging anybody with information about the assault to notify us as soon as possible so that it can be properly investigated.

Personal Safety Alert-Sexual Assault 02/18/2015

On 02/18/2015, University Security was notified of an alleged sexual assault that occurred on-campus near Wiecking Center in August of 2014. The suspect was an acquaintance of the victim, but has not been identified to University officials. Law enforcement has been notified. University officials are investigating.


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