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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato
University Security

Operation Identification

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What is Operation ID?

A program to prevent theft and burglary by the identification of valuables and notify potential thieves that this action has been taken and the property can be positively identified.

How does this prevent theft?

You are given a Permanent Identification Number (PIN) when you register with MSU Security. Simply engrave your Operation ID number onto articles of value that could be easily stolen. Be sure to engrave the entire number onto each object - without it, it would be impossible to trace your property. As you mark each item, list it on an inventory form.

Why a Permanent Identification Number?

The Security Department has chosen to assign a PIN, rather than the driver's license or Social Security number because this system makes your valuables identifiable anywhere, at any time, in the United States through the State and National Crime Computer System. If you move or change your name after you have received your PIN, call the Security Department at 389-2111 to report the change of information.

Operation ID

Why the engraver?

The use of the engraver is basic to the marking system. It tells the person that the item was marked by the owner or possessor of the property and is part of an official police identification number. Be careful not to engrave the number onto an easily removable part of the object such as the case or cover.

What if I want to sell, trade, or give away marked property?

If you want to sell items marked with your Operation ID number, simply engrave a single line through the number and put your initials and the date of sale next to the number. As an added precaution, the seller should write a bill of sale. The person buying marked property should either obtain a PIN of their own, or if they already have one, mark the property with their number under the original owners number. Example:

First Owner: MN02721RK0001 (9-93)

Second Owner: MN02721LC005 (1-95)

Third Owner: MN0070100MK20345

Where do I get more information?

Please send an e-mail to