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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Protecting Your Property

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Protecting Your Automobile

  • Always lock your doors and never leave your keys in the vehicle.
  • Avoid leaving property where it is visible.
  • Keep windows up and doors locked.
  • Keep gas tank above 1/2 a tank and keep a map in the car.
  • Park in well lit areas and check for loiterers.
  • Try to park close to your destination.
  • When getting into a parked car, check the back seat and floor for strangers.

Avoiding Laptop Theft

Laptop computers have become prime targets on campus. With laptops valued up to $5,000 the incidence of thefts are increasing. Below are several strategies that may prevent the theft of laptops or aid in their recovery should become a victim.

  • Never leave your laptop unattended.
  • Keep your laptop from accessible windows where a thief can quickly break the window, reach in and remove the machine from your room.
  • Keep your residence hall room locked at all times.
  • In a residence hall, be mindful of having a laptop unattended in common spaces, such as the study lounge, kitchens, etc. Because the residence hall is viewed as home, it is easy to become too trusting and complacent.
  • The doors to labs, office spaces, and residence hall rooms should be secured whenever your laptop is left unattended. If possible, the laptop should be stored in a locked file cabinet or secured with a locking device.
  • Record the make, model and serial number of your computer and devices associated with it.
  • Report the theft of your laptop immediately to Security.
  • Report suspicous activity to Security immediately.
  • Do not leave your laptop unattended at the library. It takes seconds for a thief to walk away with your laptop.

Protecting Your Property

  • Personal property (purses, laptops, calculators, etc) should never be left unattended. Take such items with you when leaving a classroom or residential hall.
  • Never open exterior doors of the building to strangers or non-residents. Always escort your guests to and from the main entrance doors.
  • You are encouraged to open a savings or checking account rather than allow large sums of money to accumulate in your room. If you open a checking account, remember the number of the last check written. The theft of a single check can go undetected until a bank statement discloses a forgery.
  • Park your bike where you can keep an eye on it if possible. Always lock your bike. There are several good anti-theft devices available. Case hardened heavy locks and chains afford the best protection.

Additional Safety Tips

  • Secure Your Keys - Keep personal and university keys secure at all times. Do not loan your keys out.
  • Secure Valuables - Keep valuables in a locked cabinet or drawer. Do not leave book bags unattended; it only takes a few seconds for a theft to take place.
  • Lock Your Office and Room - Make sure that your office or room is locked when you leave. Do not rely on anyone else to do it for you.
  • Report Losses - Report any loss or theft of keys, equipment, or valuables immediately to Security at 2111.