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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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Building Passes

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[PDF] Issuing Building Passes (49 KiB)

Room Admit The following apply when requesting a After-Hours Building Access Pass from Security:

  • Passes may be picked up at Security (WC 222) during business hours (Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.). Passes may be delivered by security staff on a non-emergency basis. Passes will not be sent to departments via U.S. or intercampus mail. A request for building passes must be made by a Minnesota State University, Mankato faculty or staff member.
  • No more than one individual name per building pass.
  • Passes shall list the specific room numbers and buildings where access is to be granted. After the last area is listed you must include the statement "and no others," to avoid unauthorized modification to the pass.
  • Any alterations to the original pass will void the pass. Do not make any additions or deletions - issue a new pass instead. Here are common mistakes that invalidate a building pass:
    • Different handwriting
    • Different ink color
    • Completed in pencil rather than in ink
    • Any rooms/areas listed after the statement "and no others."
    • More than one name on the pass
  • Passes are to be signed by the Departmental Chairperson, Director, or their designee.
  • To allow students uninterrupted use of classrooms between semesters, please use an academic year pass or issue a new pass for the next semester before the end of the current term. The passes are available for issue prior to the beginning of each semester.
  • To improve the security of departmental spaces, it is recommended that departments maintain a "building pass log" containing the pass serial number followed by the name of the pass holder.
  • Individuals remaining within the University buildings after they are secured do so at their own risk. Authorized individuals remaining with the buildings have the right to request to see another's valid ID and/or pass. If assistance is needed, call Security. Please read our Building Pass Policy for additional information.

MSU Building Pass Policy

These policies apply to academic and administrative buildings only. Policies for residence halls and the Student Union are available in Residential Life and Student Union offices. Faculty and staff members are important to the security of individuals working after hours in University buildings and in the protection of the equipment and materials housed within University buildings. The following policies are established to provide maximum security and protection for all concerned while providing convenient access to the buildings:

  • Individual academic buildings have opening and closing schedules, including weekends, scheduled classes and special events, e.g., such as open house, special student activities, etc. Building "open hours" are defined as times buildings are available for scheduled classes, meetings, open labs or for the conducting of University activities and business. Security Officers establish the identity of all persons who are inside department offices outside of University business hours or in other areas of buildings after they are locked.
  • Any students (including undergraduate, graduate, and graduate assistants) who are required/permitted to remain in a building after the building is locked must have a University picture ID (MavCard) and a valid building pass in their possession identifying the specific spaces they are authorized to be in after the buildings are locked. Authorized spaces must be identified by specific room number. Passes are available from the department office.
  • Authorized individuals remaining within the buildings have the right to request to see another valid ID and or pass. If an authorized individual notices something suspicious or if assistance is required, call Security at 507-389-2111. Students under the direct supervision of a faculty or staff member do not need a building pass to remain after a building is locked. "Direct supervision" is defined as physically being in the same space as the faculty or staff member must have a University faculty or staff ID card that is in their possession.
  • Individuals remaining within University buildings after they are secured do so at their own risk.
  • Security Officers will request a University ID from all persons encountered in locked buildings or those found in department offices outside of university business hours. Individuals who do not provide a University faculty / staff ID or University student ID accompanied by a valid building pass will be escorted from the building. University Security will confiscate any MSU keys in the possession of persons found not in compliance with this policy. Confiscated keys may be picked up the following business day after verification from the authorizing department that all confiscated keys were checked out to the individual. Security will request assistance from the Mankato Department of Public Safety in cases of persons to provide identification and/or refusing to leave the premisis.
  • No door shall be blocked open in any building once the doors are locked.
  • Keys are issued to authorized personnel only.
  • Building evacuations are mandatory for all fire alarms.
    • When it becomes necessary to enter an alarmed area the following procedure should be followed:
    • Notify the Security Office at 507-389-2111 that you're entering an alarmed area (giving the exact location) with your name.
    • Contact the Security Office after you have secured and left the area. If an alarm violation is received in an alarmed area, an officer will be dispatched to respond to the location.
    • If an individual is discovered in the protected area, the officer will request I.D. and building pass (if appropriate). The officer will determine if they have proper authorization to remain in the area.
    • If the individual is not authorized to be in that area, the officer will determine how access was gained, determine need to be in the protected area, escort them form the area building and if there is probable cause to believe the individual(s) entered to commit a crime, Security will call the Mankato Police for assistance.