Alcohol & Drug Education

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Alcohol and Drug Education


Alcohol-Wise is an evidence-based prevention course typically used for incoming first-year students to change student perceptions, reduce risk for freshmen, and impact campus culture.  Click on Alcohol-Wise for more information about this prevention effort.

Parent Resource - Tools to Reduce Underage Drinking

Know the facts!

Some people may have exaggerated views about alcohol use and behaviors among college students.

The reality is --college students drink less than you think.

  • Of MSU students who drink, 72% always use one or more safe drinking behaviors.
  • 67% of Maverick Fans have 0-4 drinks when they party.
  • Less than 1% of Maverick Fans drink alcohol daily.


Facts about Alcohol Poisoning

Resources for Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD)

Off Campus Chemical Health Resources

Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Parents Can Help!

High Risk Drinking - What do I need to know?

FAQs on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

What are the symptoms of an alcohol use disorder?

Health Consequences of Excess Drinking

Dangers to Your Health: Alcohol Abuse

DEA Moves to Emergency Control Synthetic Marijuana

FDA Update on Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages

Check out the Student Activities page for upcoming substance free events on campus or click on Mavericks After Dark!

Alcohol and Drug Sanction Education


D2L Alcohol and Drug Education Program (Click to log in and complete course)

Chemical Use Interview - to set up an appointment to complete this sanction, contact Laura by email or at 507-389-5689.

Sanction Completion Instructions and Information

D2L Alcohol and Drug Education Program




Chemical Use Interview

FAQs About Sanctions 

If you have questions about Alcohol and Drug Sanction Education contact Laura Herbst-Johnson, 507-389-5689.

If you have questions about your assigned deadline refer to your outcome letter or contact your referral staff person.

[PDF] Alcohol and Other Drug Policy (77 KiB)

Residence Hall Student Guide/Policies