Prescription Confidential

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Is my prescription information kept confidential?

  • Prescription information, like your other medical information, is confidential and will not be provided to your parents, spouse, significant-other, or anyone else without your written permission, except as allowed by law.
    • For this reason, we will not accept a request to refill or pick up a prescription by a third party.
    • If you want someone else to pick up your prescription for you, you must call us to request the refill and provide the name of the person that will be picking it up.
  • Processing a prescription insurance claim provides information to the third party (insurer) necessary to process your claim. The third party may communicate some of this information to the insured party as part of their claims communication.
    • For example, if you are covered under your parent’s insurance policy, names of medications you receive that are processed through the insurance company may be listed on a statement sent to your parents. This is allowed because it is part of the insurance policy provisions.