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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Need advising?

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Prepare before you meet with your advisor!

Academic advising is a shared responsibility between students and advisors. Regularly check your email so you know what to expect for advising.


Do your part by following these simple steps to prepare to meet with your advisor.

  • Review your degree audit (or DARS report), and see what general education goal areas, major and minor courses you've already fulfilled and what you have left. You can find your degree audit through E-services - by clicking on "Grades & Transcripts," then "Interactive Degree Audit."
  • Use your Bulletin to review what goal areas and courses you still need in more detail. Review course descriptions to see if you need any pre-requisite courses first.
  • Make a list of possible courses you may want to take next semester.

  • Make a list of other questions/concerns you want to bring to your advisor meeting.
  • If your department advises students in groups, attend that advising meeting.
  • If your department offers individual advising, call or email to schedule a meeting with your advisor. Give your advisor a few days to respond to your scheduling request.
  • Bring the items you've prepared to this meeting, and impress your advisor with your preparation!