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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Social Media Posting Guidelines

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When posting to any form of social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or anything else that comes along take these items into consideration. As a public face of the University we need to be professional and approachable with the goal of growing the community and letting members interact with each other.

  • Profile picture should be on brand

  • an approved logo or an appropriate photo, which can be one of your own from the Image Library that is engaging.
  • Assign a person or persons to the task so there is accountability. Make it part of their daily/weekly routine.

  • Post frequently. The definition of frequently is up to you, but remember to keep growing and to cultivate engagement, an active site is best.
  • What to post:

  • Events – where are you going to be (Will you be at a college fair? Which schools are you visiting?)
  • Answers to questions that you get frequently. This may reduce phone calls with questions. (Are there volunteer opportunities? I want to learn more do I start? Who do I contact?)
  • Links. Start a conversation by linking to your webpage, another web page, or a news story.
  • Any item that may be of interest to your particular audience – news and events going on around campus, or students in the news, alums in the news, major donations, conferences that students or faculty are attending, etc.
  • Photos and videos. Visuals stand out more than words and drive engagement.
  • Fun stuff. Remember that your audiences are on social media for fun. Including the occasional fun fact, link, or random question can increase engagement.
  • Encourage your fans to post pictures, links, and content that may be of interest to your entire audience.
  • Check page often so that you can:

  • Answer questions promptly
  • Delete inappropriate or spam posts as quickly as possible
  • Keep the tone professional yet casual and inject fun.

  • Keep the posts up-beat as this is a recruitment and retention tool. Occasionally bad news happens and it will need to be addressed appropriately.
  • Always remember your audience!