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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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International Cooking Feast

Friday, February 6th
11:30 am - 1:30 pm
At the Wiecking Kitchen room B139

Menu will include

Curry and Rice

Curry and Rice



Beef Egg Rolls

Beef Egg Rolls

Country Style Cabbage

Country Style Cabbage

Cake with fresh strawberries

Cake with fresh strawberries

Man shouting 'Volunteers!' cartoonWe need you! Enjoy this free meal, but better yet, come have fun and learn how to make these foods with our student chef's.

Sign up in S.S.S. to let us know you can help us that morning to cook, or afternoon for clean-up. If you help in the morning—breakfast will be provided!

A Graduate School/Career Trip You Don't Want to Miss!

Save the date for a Graduate school visit to the University of Minnesota on Friday, March 27th (Please note the date has changed). You will have the opportunity to meet with the Graduate School as well as faculty in your field of interest. Get all of your questions about Graduate School answered! If you are a health major, we have something for you too! Following the general session about Graduate School, you will have the opportunity to visit Fairview Medical Center where you will be able to talk with professionals in your prospective fields and possibly job shadow. Following the U of M visit, we're tentatively planning to enjoy a dinner at one of Minneapolis' finest restaurants and a play at the Guthrie theatre, A Raisin in the Sun!

"A Raisin in the Sun opened on Broadway in 1959 and for the first time hailed an all-black principal cast, a black playwright and a black director. It was nominated for four Tony Awards. 2009 marks the 50th anniversary of the inspiring classic about a working class black family struggling to make it in America."

The tentative schedule is to leave Mankato around 10 am and return around midnight. The deadline for sign up will be Friday, February 27th and there will be a $25 deposit required when you sign up which will be refunded when you arrive on March 27th. You will also be asked to list your area of interest for the Graduate School visit. Contact Marie or Linda with any questions!

Spring Workshop Schedule

It's simple to sign up…just stop by, email, or call and leave us a message with your name and the workshop!

Date/Time Workshop

Tuesday, Feb. 10; 3-3:45 pm
Meet at MSU Library 3rd floor, room 3006 in the SW corner

*Tip: attend the Summer Job Fair held in the Student Union Feb 11, 9:30-3

Resume Building for your Dream Job

Prepare your resume and job seeking skills for the great summer job hunt. You will also learn how to select internships and search for the "real job" once you graduate. We will explain the three different types of resumes and which one is best for you. We'll try to take the mystery out of cover letters and what you should include in them. We will provide you with tools to prepare for interviews and feel more confident. Favorite places to look for jobs will be explored and hopefully you will be enlightened by learning an innovative and effective approach to your job search.

Tuesday, Feb. 24; 2-3:45 pm
Meet at SSS*

*2-2:45 will be held in WI 322, then moves to the computer lab in room 321 from 2:45-3:45 to work on finding scholarships online.

Scholarship Search Seminar

The first 45 minutes we will learn about finding and applying for scholarships that you have a good chance to win. The second hour we will actually be at a computer searching for scholarships to apply for if you can stay that long. Come at 3:00 if you can't make it at 2:00.

Tuesday, March 3, 3:00-3:45

Meet at MSU Library 3rd floor, room 3006 in the SW corner

Midterm Test Prep & Anxiety

Worried about your midterms? Ace that test! At this workshop you will learn strategies to improve your test taking and new ideas for preparing for tests. Developing effective test preparation skills will help you gain a better understanding of your subject material, lower your anxiety, and produce better scores! We will also discuss tactics to do before the test, during the test, and even after you finish the test. You will get tips for mastering true-false, multiple choice, matching, fill in the blank, and essay questions. Do you study hard and know the material but freeze up during the test? Gain ideas for controlling and reducing test anxiety. We'll discuss simple strategies for calming yourself during the test such as becoming aware of your "self talk" and where to sit to avoid distractions. Attend this workshop and start acing those tests!

Thursday, March 5th, 8:30-4

Meet at S.S.S. Wiecking 355

Drop in FAFSA Assistance

Need help filling out your FAFSA renewal forms? Our helpful staff will be available to help you apply online during these times to insure you are ready for the next academic year. We will also have Financial Aid staff available online or by phone to help assist any difficult questions.

Bring the following items: PIN # and your parent's PIN, your renewal FAFSA form, a copy of your completed taxes and your parents taxes for 2005. Remember to re-activate your and your parents PIN at www.pin.ed.gov

Complete your FAFSA Early!

Important: Priority Deadline to File Your FAFSA is Sunday, March 15th!

To get the most financial aid possible, plan to re-file your FAFSA by the MSU priority deadline of Saturday, March 15th. We highly recommend applying early! You will need your and your parent's (if applicable) 2008 Federal Income Tax Return and W-2 forms in order to complete the 2009-2010 application. This means having your taxes and your parent's taxes completed by this date! If you are a dependent student, give mom or dad a call and tell them we told you to beg them to get them done early each year until you graduate!

A Couple More Things:

  • Make sure you find your PIN (and your parents PIN also) for your electronic signatures. Remember to use your federal PIN to sign your application—parents too!
  • Re-establish your pin at http://www.pin.ed.gov. You can do this today.
  • The FAFSA website is www.fafsa.ed.gov
  • Here's a link to a helpful MSU financial aid page: http://www.mnsu.edu/campushub/fafsant/
  • A "FAFSA on the Web Worksheet" is available at www.fafsa.ed.gov/fafsaws90c.pdf (broken link). This worksheet provides a list of the info you will need to gather prior to filling out the FAFSA. It may be helpful to have your parents fill out their information on this sheet, as it is common to forget to ask them key information. For those last minute people: contact the Hub!

FAFSA Help Sessions Coming Soon

Student Financial Services will be holding the following FAFSA Help Sessions to assist students in completing their FAFSA online. No pre-registration is required.

Please bring the appropriate income tax information to the session to successfully complete your application.

FAFSA Help Session Dates and Times:
All sessions held in Wissink Hall, ACC 116

February 10: 4:30-6:00
February 17: 4:30-6:00
February 26: 5:00-6:00
March 3: 4:30-6:00

March 5: 5:00-6:30
March 19: 5:00-6:30
March 24: 4:30-6:00
April 2: 5:00-6:30

Remember to check your MSU email.

Are you feeling overwhelmed in a particular class?
Get one-on-one help from a tutor!

Cartoon of a stick figure pulling his hair outDon't wait…fill out a tutoring request today! A tutor can answer questions you may have even after attending class and reading the book. A tutor is a great study partner and can help you focus on the processes you are learning in class. To get the most out of your tutoring experience, it is important to go to class, take notes, read the book, do your homework, and study on your own. Prepare questions you may have about the material as you study, bring them to your next tutoring session and your tutor can assist you with that information.

Remember, tutors are not professors and do not know everything. They also do not do your homework. That is your job! A tutor is there to answer questions and help you understand and reinforce the material and processes you are learning in class.

Tutoring requests will be accepted through Friday, March 6th, 2009 and on-call writing requests will accepted through Friday, April 10th, 2009!

Tutoring Lab Etiquette

Emoticon with finger over mouthSSS is very privileged to have access to a wonderful lab for our students' use with working computers, comfy chairs as well as printers and white boards. As SSS students, we want you to utilize this lab in order to be successful in your studies here at MSU, however, there have been comments made regarding students' behavior in the tutoring lab. As SSS participants, this is your lab to use and with that comes responsibility. It is your responsibility to take care of the lab and be respectful to others' using the lab.

When using the tutoring lab, please:

  • Remember the lab is intended for academic purposes (This doesn't include listening to music, watching videos, updating Facebook, ETC.)
  • Silence cell phones
  • Take phone calls in the hallway
  • Visit with your friends in the hallway
  • Keep your voices down (whisper or don't talk at all unless tutoring)
  • Do not write on the desks
  • Throw trash in the trash can
  • Push in your chairs

Online Writing Tutoring

No need to fill out a Tutoring request!
No appointments necessary!

LaptopSSS continues to offer online Writing Tutoring in Conjunction with the Institutional Diversity English Institute. You can submit your papers to D2L anytime, anywhere. Your paper will be reviewed by a trained tutor and you will then be given feedback as to how to improve your paper all via D2L!

You are already enrolled in this awesome program!
Simply log in to your D2L account and check it out!
Please allow 48 hours for turn around time!

Resume Building for your Dream Job

Tuesday, Feb. 10; 3 - 3:45 pm
Meet at MSU Library 3rd floor,
room 3006 in the SW corner

Think of every opportunity, every job, workstudy, conference and volunteer positions as building your resume for that dream job! Whether you are a freshmen looking for a summer job or a senior ready to dive into job search mode, this workshop will offer you something. We will talk about preparing your resume and job seeking skills for the soon to arrive "summer job hunt". You will also learn how to select internships to navigate your journey to the ideal "real job" once you graduate. We will explain which one of the three different types of resumes will be best for you and take the mystery out of cover letters. Tools to build your confidence for interviews will be provided as well as favorite places to look for jobs explored. Enlighten yourself with innovative and effective approaches to your job search especially with today's high unemployment rates!

Need a Summer Job? Work on campus as an orientation Peer Assistant. Applications are due Feb. 3rd.

Summer Job Fair: Feb 11th 9:30 - 3:00 in the Student Union (Your opportunity to show your face and resume to hundreds of different opportunities)

SSS Lending Library

Stack of booksHere's Your Problem: You need to study but you don't have the textbook.

But There's A Solution: You check with SSS and they have it in their Lending Library!

It's Simple: Bring your driver's license or MavCard to SSS and give it to the Office Manager, Student Worker or SSS Advisor and exchange it for a textbook. You will be able to check out the textbook for a 2 hour block to study anywhere in Wiecking Center. At the end of the 2 hours bring it back to SSS and if no one else has requested the book, you can check it out for another 2 hours!

Available textbooks include:

  • Biology: The Unity and Diversity of Life
  • Chem 111: Selected Chapters from General, Organic and Biochemistry
  • College Algebra
  • College Algebra Solutions Manual
  • Human Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • A Short History of Nearly Everything
  • SPSS for Introductory Statistics

New: Admission Assessment Exam Review for the Nursing Program Entrance Exam

This is a new program and we ask for your patience as we implement these new procedures and acquire textbooks. If you have a question or any input about the Lending Library or the available textbooks please talk to Margaret or your SSS Advisor!