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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Welcome Back

SSS students ONLY!

Date: Thursday, August 27
Time: 1:00-3:00 p.m.
Where: Wiecking Center 321

Come to the party to say hello, make an appointment with your SSS Advisor, enjoy games, play the Wii, meet new friends, and pick up:

Lots of Free Things (while quantities last)

Cool new MSU-SSS T-shirts
1 GB Custom Flash-drive
SSS Planner & Semester Calendars
Snacks ("to go" for those who can't stay)

Drawing for Prizes

Student Support Services' Mentoring Program

Are you a new student? Maybe you are a returning student who has not found their place here at MSU. The Student Support Services Mentoring Program may be for you! You will be matched with a successful upper class student. You will meet with your mentor in person once per month and have weekly contact via phone or email. Your mentor can help you find ways to get involved at MSU, assist you in your transition to MSU, help you improve your study skills, and answer general questions about life at MSU!

Space is limited to 9 students so contact Marie to sign up today!

Cartoon of someone pulling his hair outAre you feeling overwhelmed in a particular class?
Get one-on-one help from a tutor!

Don't wait…fill out a tutoring request today! A tutor can answer questions you may have even after attending class and reading the book. A tutor is a great study partner and can help you focus on the processes you are learning in class. To get the most out of your tutoring experience, it is important to go to class, take notes, read the book, do your homework, and study on your own. Prepare questions you may have about the material as you study, bring them to your next tutoring session and your tutor can assist you with the information. Remember, tutors are not professors and do not know everything. They also do not do your homework—that is your job! A tutor is there to answer questions and help you understand and reinforce the material and processes you are learning in class.

Tutoring requests will be accepted through Friday, October 16th, 2009 and on-call writing requests will be accepted through Friday, November 13th, 2009!

Tutoring Attendance Policy

Please remember, you will only receive an excused absence if you are ill or have a family emergency and contact your tutor three hours prior to your tutor session. If you cancel tutoring for any reason other than being sick or having a family emergency, your absence will be unexcused even if you give your tutor a three hour notice. Upon the second absence, your tutoring will be cancelled. When you sign your tutoring contract, you are agreeing to attend ALL scheduled appointments. Recently taking an exam is not a reason to cancel your tutoring session; there are always things a tutor can help you with!

It is unfair to tutors when they do not receive their scheduled hours. We want to keep our great tutors coming back semester after semester! The tutoring that we provide here in SSS is not drop in or on call tutoring. A schedule should be set during the first tutoring sessions and that schedule should be kept! Tutoring cannot benefit you as a student if you do not show up consistently. Get the most out of your tutoring, show up willing and ready to work!

Emoticon with finger in front of his mouthTutoring Lab Etiquette

SSS is very privileged to have access to a wonderful lab for our students' use with working computers, comfy chairs as well as printers and white boards. As SSS students, we WANT you to utilize this lab in order to be successful in your studies here at MSU, however, there have been comments made regarding students' behavior in the tutoring lab. As SSS participants, this is your lab to use and with that comes responsibility. It is your responsibility to take care of the lab and be respectful to others' using the lab.

When using the tutoring lab, please:

  • Remember the lab is intended for academic purposes (This doesn't include listening to music, watching videos, updating Facebook, ETC.)
  • Silence cell phones
  • Take phone calls in the hallway
  • Visit with your friends in the hallway
  • Keep your voices down (whisper or don't talk at all unless tutoring)
  • Do not write on the desks
  • Throw trash in the trash can
  • Push in your chairs

Online Writing Tutoring

Emoticon using a laptopNo need to fill out a Tutoring request!
No appointments necessary!

SSS continues to offer online Writing Tutoring in cooperation with the Institutional Diversity English Institute. You can submit your papers to D2L anytime, anywhere. Your paper will be reviewed by a trained tutor and you will then be given feedback as to how to improve your paper all via D2L!

You are already enrolled in this awesome program! Simply log in to your D2L account and check it out! Please allow 48 hours for turnaround time.

Saving $$$ on Your Textbooks

Quote from a Current Student She saves approximately $100 each semester on textbooks and often sells them back at the end of the semester to the bookstore for more money than what she originally paid for them. Her best buy was an Economics book for $10 on Amazon that the bookstore was selling for $150... Lindsay

Textbooks aren't cheap and your budget is probably very tight. You may easily be able to save $100 if you are wise! The biggest two secrets to saving money on textbooks is to "BUY USED" books when you can, and shop around for the best price!!! Buying online is usually where you will find the best bargains, but you have to do this in advance, to accommodate shipping time and consider the possibility that some places won't allow you to return them if it's the wrong book or you find out you don't need it anymore for some reason or another. Know your return policies, wherever you purchase your books!

Whenever possible, you should reserve your textbooks in advance, so you can save, by getting the used ones! The bookstores take the used ones off the shelf to fill these reservations, and when you come that first week of class there may be no used ones left for you to purchase. This is a free service, at both local bookstores, no prepayment is required, and it is a quick way for you to just stop by and pick up your textbooks when school starts! At either one of the local bookstores, ask if you can charge your books and pay for them when your financial aid arrives.

Find out which textbooks are required by going to the Maverick Bookstore or Barnes and Nobles Campus Bookstore or by typing in your courses and their section numbers on the following sites:

Barnes and Nobles Campus Bookstore: Just scroll down to the "Buy your textbooks on-line today" area and type in the information requested. They list on their website: Lowest Price Guarantee (Excludes online textbook purchases) at your campus bookstore. Compare textbook prices and save!

Maverick Bookstore: go to "Buy your textbooks" near top of page and follow the instructions.

Their manager verbally has stated they have the lowest prices plus a "Loyalty card" is available, for every $150 you will receive a $5 credit on your card for future purchases.

You can take the list of textbooks you create and check out the following websites:

Comparison shopping

Renting textbook websites (check this out if it is a good option for you…)

Electronic textbooks

Free books are available for some classes if you are willing to read for a few hours and leave them. Check to see if the textbooks you need are available at either the front lobby circulation desk at MSU Library or at Student Support Services. SSS has purchased a modest amount of books for your use in Wiecking for a few hours, but the library has a much larger selection. Simply check out the lists:

  • www.mnsu.edu/lib.mnsu.edu; on their home pages in the middle select the tab "Course Reserves", select "course name" from drop down list, then type in "art", "biology" or whatever class you are searching for and it will bring up a list of the textbooks available for that subject. Maybe you'll just get lucky and that $180 Biology book will be available.
  • www.mnsu.edu/sss/booklist.html Check out our website for a list of textbooks that can be borrowed from SSS for a limited time. This is a great and free opportunity to keep up with your classes.

If you have are having a difficult time finding a way to purchase your books talk to your SSS advisor. We have compiled a list of creative ideas to explore to help you have those critical textbooks those first weeks of class.

Some of this information was gleaned from an Associated Press article in the Mankato Free Press, July 2009

The SSS D2L Page Is
More Than
Online Writing Tutoring!
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Tutoring Services

Online Writing Tutors are available in the "Dropbox" link on SSS. Discuss other tutoring needs with your SSS advisor today!

Study Skills Training

Study skills training includes sessions available Fall 2009 online in the "Academic Skills" link in D2L. Individual or group assistance with time management and other study skills practices are also available (see current newsletter for specific workshops and dates) or discuss your desired academic skill support needs with your SSS advisor.

Timely News

Up to date information on what's happening at SSS in the "Newsletter" link in D2L! Easily find the details about events from our newsletters.

Enhanced Communications

Email your advisor or other SSS student friends you've met using the "Classlist" link in D2L. Share your news or great new information in our "Blog" link. Or plan and meet other SSS friends in our "Chat" link in D2L. Occasionally we may mention in our newsletter a new discussion or survey we have started in our "Discussions or Survey" links above… so make sure and add your input! We value your opinions and thoughts.


Find information pages or forms in the "Content" link. Or maybe you need some information that can be found by accessing one of our "Links" in D2L.

Student Support Services

Learning Community
Cartoon lady catching a star with a butterfly net

First 4 weeks of college—meet people!

September 3th - 24th
Thursday's 1-1:45 & 3-3:45 p.m.

Weekly prizes and snacks for everyone

(Drawing for $45 night for 2 at the WOW Zone for those who attend all four weeks)

Week 1: Planning for A's—Organizing yourself and taking control of your time

Ready to achieve your goals? Start planning! Being organized decreases the stress in your life; helps you finish school sooner, and helps you get better grades, which can equal a better job! At this workshop you'll learn how to prioritize your life! We'll discuss planning from a five-year plan down to a daily one and also how to use your planner more effectively.

Week 2: Successful Semester Suggestions—Don't miss this fun one!

Better study habits create more successful students. At this workshop you'll find out about Linda's top 10 list. We'll discuss ways to improve your memory and concentration. You'll learn to use proven study strategies that really work and can put you on the path to academic success!

Week 3: Healthy Wealthy and Wise—Staying healthy financially and physically

At this workshop learn how to avoid the freshman "15" by learning tips on eating healthy and how to fit exercise into your busy schedule, as well as preventing illness. Also, learn about saving money at the grocery store and cheap extracurricular ideas and living within your means.

Week 4: Habits all Successful Students Possess

What do all successful students have in common? You will find out what the research says. Learn about the power of your self talk, your goals, your belief system, and building powerful relationships. Leave this workshop motivated to chart the course of your life toward success.

Planning on a Career That Needs a Masters or PhD?

Join SSS as we journey to attend the

Graduate and Professional School Day

Held at the University of Minnesota

Wednesday, October 14

Leave SSS at 8 am and return around 5 pm

There will be about 100 graduate and professional programs available for you to talk to. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to explore grad school options, it is a great way to connect with a large number of graduate schools without leaving the state! Learn what each college has to offer and compare them in a quick couple of hours. Juniors and Seniors are especially encouraged to attend!!!

2 free workshops will be held during the event:

  • How to apply to graduate and professional school
  • Funding graduate and professional school

Limited to the first 11 students. Sign up today, stop by, call or email us.

This is, as always, a free trip but a
$5.00 deposit holds your spot and is due by Friday, October 2nd at 4:00 pm.
(Deposit is returned when we leave Oct. 14th. It is not refundable after October 2nd.)

Contact Information

Student Support Services

Minnesota State University, Mankato
355 Wiecking Center
Mankato, MN 56001

Phone: 507-389-2797
E-mail: student-support-services@mnsu.edu
Web: www.mnsu.edu/sss/