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To provide each tutee with individual tutoring that includes assistance with course content and academic success skills while building the student's self-confidence, academic ability, and personal responsibility.

Who can request a tutor?

All students who are accepted and active participants of Student Support Services (SSS) may request tutoring services. If you are an MNSU student who is interested in becoming an SSS student and you would utilize services beyond just tutoring, please apply to join the SSS program. MNSU students who are not SSS students and are only seeking tutoring services should contact the Center for Academic Success.

How often do tutors and students meet?

Tutors make the initial contact with their student to set up a schedule for the semester. The hours must fall within SSS office hours (usually Monday–Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. during the academic year) and meetings all take place in the SSS tutoring lab (Wiecking Center 321). A typical student requests about 2 hours of tutoring per week and meets with the tutor twice per week for about 1 hour per session.

How are tutors hired?

Tutors are hired each semester, usually at the beginning of the semester, but can be hired up until the 12th week of classes. If you are interested in serving as an SSS Tutor, please visit MavJobs to view available positions or submit an [PDF] application (112 KiB)to WC 355 or email to The Tutor Coordinator will review your request and you will be contacted within 3 business days to let you know if your services are needed at this time. Tutors are hired based on their major, subjects they are qualified to tutor, grades within tutoring subjects, communication skills, and hours available per week for tutoring.

How can a student apply for tutoring?

Students must be accepted and active within the Student Support Services program. Contact your SSS Advisor to request tutoring services. You should consider going to the Center for Academic Success for help while your request for tutoring is being processed. Requests can usually be filled within 1-2 weeks.  However, students are encouraged to request tutoring as early as possible to avoid falling behind.

When should a student request a tutor?

As early as possible. At the first hint that you're having some trouble understanding your course content, contact your SSS Advisor to request a tutor. Don't wait until you've struggled for weeks. Tutors can only help you as much as you're willing to help yourself.

What will my tutor do during our sessions?

Your tutor will assess your current ability in the class and your study skills. Tutors will expect you to come prepared, attend class regularly, read course material, take notes, etc. Tutors will answer questions, help you better understand difficult concepts and how to prepare for tests, quiz or drill you on material, as well as help you understand how to manage your time, take notes, read a textbook, etc. Tutors will never do your work for you.

What can I expect from my tutor?

Your tutor is expected to be present at all scheduled sessions and on time. Tutors should be courteous, fully attentive, helpful, clear in their communication and instruction, and have a solid knowledge of the subject matter. Each tutor receives at least two hours of basic tutor training to help understand effective tutoring techniques. If you have any difficulty with your tutor or feel the situation is not working, you should contact your SSS Advisor immediately. We want your tutoring to be the best it can be.

What will my tutor expect of me?

You will be expected to be present and on time for each scheduled tutoring session. You will be allowed three absences, after which tutoring will be discontinued for the semester. If you have an emergency or are ill, you must contact your tutor at least three hours prior to your session to reschedule your appointment in order to avoid an absence. Tutoring is a commitment and you are responsible for your progress in the class. You should come prepared for sessions with questions, completed homework, attend class regularly, etc. You should also have regular communication with your tutor and your SSS Advisor about the effectiveness of your tutoring. See the [PDF] Tutor Contract (131 KiB) to see what you are agreeing to when requesting tutoring services from us. We have your best interests in mind!

Additional Resources for Tutoring

Tutoring is also available at the Center for Academic Success on a walk-in basis for math, science, writing, accounting, and some other subject areas. If you prefer a walk-in, group-tutoring environment, see your SSS Advisor or the Center for Academic Success tutoring schedule. The Center for Academic Success is located in the basement of Memorial Library ML 125

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics also offers tutoring! The Math and Statistics Learning Center is located in Wissink Hall 285.