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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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The Attendance is a great section to check on how your attendance is doing in your course. On the main page, you will see a list of the different attandance registers. Your instructor can set up multiple of them, but if they are only keeping track of in-class attandance, there will only be one listed. You can click on the register's name to see your attandance. Atop the page will show a percentage and record of your attendance so far. As you look down the page there will be a table that will show your attandance laid out by day, session, or however your instructor wishes to keep track of it.

If your course is one that keeps an attandance record, you should take a look at this on a regular basis. If you were in class, and your instructor is giving you points for showing up to class, you wouldn't want to miss out! If you find that your instructor has marked you as absent on a day that you were in class, you can email them to sort it all out. If you were there, you should be getting points for being there, unless the instructor has a different policy.


The Assignments section is where you will be uploading your assignment files in D2L | Brightspace. This was previously called the dropbox. You will see a list of different assignments that you will have throughout your course. You can click on the title of any assignment to be able to submit files into it. Doing so will show you a page with the name and assignment description so that you know you are submitting for the correct assignment. At the bottom of the page under the Submit Files heading is where you will be uploading your assignments. Click on the Add a File button, and a window will appear to search your computer for files to upload. Below there is also a text box so that you can add comments to your assignments that you are submitting. Your instructor will see this along with your assignment if you wish to add anything there.


The Grades page is where you will be able to check your grades for your class. You can see all of your assignments listed by item, and to the right of it you will see a fractioned number telling you how man points you earned/lost, next to that will be the letter grade that represents for that assignment, and possibly next to that having Assessment Details. You can then click on your Assessment Details to view an explaination of your assignment's grade, and potential comments/feedback from your instructor. If you see a dash instead of a number in the points column for your grade, that means that the grade item has not been graded yet.


The Quizzes page is where you can take online quizzes and tests. On the first page you will merely see a list of the different quizzes that you can take. Some of them may be un-clickable because they are going to open at a later point within the semester. Otherwise you can click on the active quizzes to take them. You will be directed to a page that will explain how much time, attempts, and other information related to that particular quiz before you start taking it. This is to ensure that you understand which quiz you are beginning, some quizzes are timed so making sure you have ample time to complete your quiz is helpful, and more. Once you are ready, click the Start Quiz button at the bottom of the page.

Quizzes themselves can have a number of different types of questions within them. They can be multiple choice, short answer, etc. depending on how your instructor has set it up. What is important for you to do as a student while taking a quiz is to save your responses. Below each question there is a small Save button. On the left-hand side of the screen, below the heading Questions you will see all the question numbers with a floppy disk icon under them, and a legend. The legend showing you the difference in whether or not your answers to the questions are considered saved. It is extremely helpful to save your responses after you answer each question in case you accidentally close the browser, you lose internet connection, etc. in the middle of taking your test/quiz. At the end of the test/quiz you can also double check that all of your responses have been saved before submitting by clicking the Save All Responses button.

After your quiz or test is submitted, you will see a confirmation of your submission page. However, your instructor may have set your quiz to be automatically graded upon submission. This is most common with quizzes that are entirely multiple choice. If this is the case, you will be able to immediately see your grade on the page following your submission. Your instructor can also have it setup to be able to go back and view the questions you got wrong, and what the correct answer was. These corrected questions will have a dropdown link under them with an explanation of the correct answer.


The Rubrics page is a place in which your instructor can set up detailed explanations of how you will be graded on particular assignments. This can show the assignment laid out by section, and where you can earn/lose points. To view these you will have to click the dropdown arrow next to the name of the rubric on the Rubrics page. There will be an option to Preview. If you click that, a new window will pop-up and show you the rubric. It will likely be laid out in a table with each section you are being graded upon on the left-most column and the top row showing you how many points you will receiving based on your quality of work. The grid will have an explaination of how much information, or quality is required to recieve each number of points within each section. The bottom row will show you a total of potential points under each column. Take a look here to see what your instructors are looking for specifically within each one of your assignments.


The Surveys page is just a place for your instructor to create surveys to collect information. This could be for discussion purposes, in-class review topics, etc. These will look similar to the Quizzes page, and the surveys will also feel very similar, except that these are not graded. These are simply an easy way for your instructor to ask for information from students in an online and simple format.