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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Managing your Profile

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The following settings can be found on any page within D2L | Brightspace. At the top right corner of the screen you will see a picture and your name. The picture serves as your profile picture, which is viewable by your classmates. If you have not yet added a picture in then what will show is a silluetted stand-in. By clicking on your name or picture on the top right corner of the page, a small dropdown will appear with options for Profile, Notifications, Account Settings, and Log Out. We will go through each one of these individually below, except for Log Out. Log Out simply logs you out of D2L | Brightspace. It is recommended that you click this link everytime you are done using D2L | Brightspace so that others cannot easily access your data. D2L | Brightspace will automatically log you out if you close your browser as well, but if you want to make sure you are logged out, then click this link.


You can add a quite a bit of different information to your Profile. There are four different sections for which to add information; Social Networks, Contact Information, Education and Work, and Personal Info.

Social Networks is a place to put some links to your own pages on your social media. There are only blocks available for Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Placing your social media links here doesn't inherently link your D2L | Brightspace account in any way to these. This merely puts links to your profiles on those sites onto your profile.

Contact Information is a place ot put your personal phone numbers and living address. We highly recommend that you be cautious about putting this information on here. Only put this on here if you want other students and your instructors to be able to see this information. This is not to say that everyone in your classes are going to take note of this information, but it would then be open to them if you placed it here.

Education and Work is a place to add information on your current working and education status. There are places to add your current employer, your current position title, your high school, and your university.

Personal Info is a place to add information on yourself on a number of different subjects. You can add your birthday, your personal interests, favorites on a number of subjects, your future goals, and share memorable learning experiences.

Why should I put my information on here?

Putting any of this information into your profile on D2L | Brightspace is completely voluntary. There is no requirement to do so, and professors will likley only prefer that you at least add a picture of yourself. However, you are not required to do so, and they cannot force you to. As for adding your personal information on here, the benefit is that you can easily share it with your classmates and your instructor. Primarily being able to share it with your instructor can be rather useful. Many instructors have connections outside of the University, and if you are in favor with some of them, you might be recommended for jobs and possible internships. Putting this information on here serves as a small "pseudo-resume" of sorts to help your instructors learn a little bit more about you.


Within the Notifications settings you can control how and when you recieve updates on your D2L | Brightspace courses. You can get these notifications by either email, text message to your phone, or both. When you come to this page, at the top you will see Contact Methods as your first major subject heading. Below you will see your MSU email listed for your email address. If you do not wish to use this as your primary contact address from D2L | Brightspace, there is a link to "Change your email settings." This will bring up a pop-up window for you to enter another email address to use.

Below that is a section for a Summary of Activity that you can recieve on a daily basis. This will send you an email, text, or both with the highlights of the day. This means the top announcements, new discussion posts, new content added, etc. You do not have to recieve these summaries, and can choose to opt out if you so wish. To do so, simply make sure that the dropdown in this section is set to "Never" and not "Daily."

Instant Notifications allows you to individually choose which items within D2l | Brightspace. You can choose to get notifications on each of these items to individually send to your email, over text if you have linked your phone number, or to both. If you wish to not get any or only some of these notifications, you can so it here on this section by checking or unchecking the boxes on the right hand side.

At the bottom of the page are the Customize Notifications and the Exclude Some Courses sections. Customize Notifications simply has options to allow notifications from past, future, and inactive courses. The Excluse Some Courses section allows you to manage courses that you wish not to recieve any notifications at all. This could be useful if you are a enrolled in non-traditional courses that are just small certificate programs or something of that nature that you wish to not get notifications from.

Account Settings

Within Account Settings you are able to change settings on a number of different functions within D2L | Brightspace. At the top of the page there are tabs to change the settings for Discussions and Email as well which will be covered below.

Font Settings, here you can change the size and font type that you see while in D2L | Brightspace. There is a dropdown for both of them to choose from a number of different font options, and only a few different size options. Below the dropdowns is a short line of text that should read, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." This is just an example line of text to show you exactly how the changes you make to the font and size settings will change the text in D2L | Brightspace overall.

Dialog Setting, here you can change the setting on how you see new dialog boxes appear within D2L | Brightspace. Having the "Dialogs" option selected shows the new dialog boxes as a window poping up within the page. "Pop-ups" will have the dialog boxes show up in a whole new window of your browser.

HTML Editor Settings, If you are more adept in using HTML you can actually format text you edit in D2L | Brightspace. This can be done in places such as the discussion boards and sending emails. With this you can edit text you are typing by adding in HTML. Within the Account Settings here you can turn off that option by checking the box.

Reading Content, while in places such as the discussion board you will automatically mark comments and replys as read just by scrolling down the page. Here you can check the box to not automatically do that. To then mark those comments as read there is a dropdown arrow next to the name of the person that has made the comment or reply and within that dropdown there is an option to "Mark Post as Read."

Video Settings, is really only useful if you are using an assistive technology with your browser. Checking the box in this section will simply help make playing videos better if you are using an accessibile purposed browser. Otherwise, by checking this box with using a traditional browser, you will not notice a change.

Time Zone, is meant to be able to change the time zone that you are using D2L | Brightspace from. You can select which continent you are on, and then select the time zone within that continent under it. Here at MSU we are in the "Americas" continent and within the "GMT-6:00 Canada - Winnipeg" time zone. There is a small arrow icon next to the time zone dropdown that will automatically select which time zone is selected as the organization default, which will be what was just described.

Changing your time zone will not allow you to submit assignments, take quizes, etc. late. The times within your courses will adapt to whatever time zone you have selected.

Application Settings, here there is a button to Revoke Access. By clicking this button D2L | Brightspace will automatically reject any application that is being used within D2L | Brightspace. This is a great way to keep your information a little more secure. When one of your applications wants to be used again then you will simply have to enter your login information to grant it access again.

Binder Settings, here you will find a button to either log in to or out of the Binder. If you want more information on the Binder you can take a look on the Materials under the Content heading.

Discussion Settings

This section of settings is solely related to the discussion section within D2L | Brightspace. If you wish to know more about discussions take a look at the Communication page under the Discussions heading.

Personal Settings: The first option under this heading is the "Display Settings" with a check box that determines whether or not you will see the "Discussions List pane." The pane in question will normally show up on the left-hand side of the screen while you are in the Discussions page on D2L | Brightspace. This little pane serves as a list of the other discussion topics that you can then click on to easily jump between. Having the "Display Settings" box checked will keep that list showing up there all the time. However, if you wish to have a little more screen space, you can uncheck the box to have that list disapear. There will be a small arrow on the Discussions that will appear there that you can click to bring up the list. "Default View" allows you to view the discussion boards' responses within a standard reading view or within a more grid-like model. Take a look at both and see which one works best for you. Of the discussion settings, the "Reply Settings" might be the most important one to keep in mind. This check box, when checked, will have all of your discussion responses be posted with the previous post you are responing to below it. Much like when you reply to an email and see the previous email below it within the chain. However, having this checked can make reading the discussion posts rather difficult, especially if there are a number of responses to one post. The default is that this box will be checked, but we highly recommend that you uncheck this box for those reasons.

Grid View Settings: these settings only apply if you are viewing your discussions within the "Grid View." If you wish to turn on grid view, do so under the "Default View" options featured above under the "Personal Settings." "Deafault Threading Style" is just a way to show all of the posts within a discussion topic. Selecting the "Threaded" option will tab in replys and show how all of the posts within the topic flow together. "Unthreaded" will simply show all the responses within the discussion individually. The "Display Settings" will allow you to show and hide preview panes for discussion threads and the search bar. "Post Fields to Display" will show you individual ID numbers for each posting and comment. Showing these can help you find comments you ahve been to previously if you record their ID number down for later use. "Character Limits" allows you to limit the number of characters that you can place within your discussion posts and replys. This can be useful if you are being restricted by your instructor to a particular size for a response. Putting in a restriction here can help you stay on track for that without having to copy and paste your post to an outside source to check those things.

Email Settings

Here you can edit the settings related to sending emails from D2L | Brightspace. For more information on the email feature take a look on the Communication page under the Email heading.

Email Options: Here there are check boxes for options when the emails are sent as well as adding an email signature. The first check box being "Send a copy of each outgoing message to" By selecting this, whenever you send an email from D2L | Brightspace you will also recieve an email in your MSU email inbox. The next check box is similar, except that it saves a copy of the email within D2L | Brightspace in the Sent Mail folder on the Email page. The Email Signature is the footer section at the end of an email. This usually includes the sender's name, company affiliation if they are using a professional email, other contact information, and the like. Within this section in the settings you can create your own for emails that you send out of D2L | Brightspace.

Display Options: allows you to show external email addresses within the Address Book on the Email page. Without this box checked you will only be able to add to and see other email addresses in the Address Book that are other students and faculty within MSU. With the box checked within this section you can add other emails to that page.