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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Student Resources

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The Student Resources tab is a dropdown of helpful links for students to use. Many of these are links to external sites outside of D2L | Brightspace. Each one of these links are made to open up in a new window or tab due to this. These are links that are not only helpful for you while using D2L | Brightspace, but also your student experience at large.

Academic Advising

Academic Advising is an important partnership between the student and their adviser. All successful advising relationships include careful planning, authentic communication, and personal responsibility. This website is a launching pad for students and advisers to build their relationship for success now and after graduation. Whether you are preparing for your overall academic journey or for your next academic advising appointment, the useful tools, links, and information found here, can help you begin to develop your own recipe for success. This website will help connect you to your college and your advisor, to help your overall student success.

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar is a collection of all of the events happening on and with the entire University. Here you can download pdf versions of these calendars that can show you very specific events. You can see scheduled test dates, faculty sabaticals, and more. This is a great resource for you to be able to keep up with what's going on with campus throughout the year. If this isn't enough for you, take a look at the University Master Calendar for more.

Accessibility Resources

Accessibility Resources ensures that all students with disabilities have equal access to all opportunities at Minnesota State University, Mankato. They coordinate accommodations for eligible students and serve as a resource for faculty, staff and the University community in their efforts to assure access for all. Your information will remain completely confidential, unless you otherise prefer it. If you have any accessibility needs, then certainly take a look and get in contact with the.

Campus Wellness

Campus Wellness is a site to get information about our health efforts across campus. Their site can help connect you with resources to get help being and staying healthy physically, mentally, and more. Especially if you are a new student, you should take a look at their services. You never know how your student experience and life in general could be improved!

Center for Academic Success

The Center for Academic Success is designed to help with your academic success. They provide tutoring services, help conneting you to your advisor, placement testing, individualized workshops and more. They have great resources to help you with problems in every subject that we teach here on campus, and can even help you out online! If you are struggling, or just need a little support, this is the resource for you.

D2L | Brightspace Help

D2L | Brightspace Help is a great place if you are struggling with D2L | Brightspace. Anything that is not covered on this website will be on there. Their site is a Minnesota State managed site for the entire college system in Minnesota. If you need more immediate help, check out the IT Solutions Center in the basement of Wissink Hall in the ACC, and you can speak to one of our Solutions Staff members to help you through any issues that you are having. is an excellent resource for training. If you want to learn more about a particular tool, learn a new program, or anything in-between, Lynda is the site for you. They provide training videos on an extremely wide range of topics. If you would rather have a written explaination, they not only caption their videos, but also provide an entire transcript. They even give you lesson files to work along with the instructors. You can sign up through the University and have a full account for free. This is normally a premium subscription service, but the University provides accounts for all university students absolutely free. Take a look at the Academic Technology Services website to learn more and to setup your account today!

Library Services

Library Services will bring you to the MSU Library homepage. Here you have access to all that the library has to offer! They have a great resource of books and aricles for reasearch, databases to find even more, class & subject guides to stay on top of all your classes, and so much more. They have a great staff of people ready to serve you if you go to their Ask a Librarian page. The Library has so much more to offer than just being able to check out books. Take a look at their website here to learn more!


The Locker is simply a file storage within D2L | Brightspace. Here you can upload documents and files, but only up to 10 MB worth of files. If you are looking for a place to store files digitally online, we highly recommend that you Login with MavMail and use OneDrive. It provides so much more space, and you can easily share files with others and more!

Preferred Name

You have the option of using a preferred name (like your nickname) at the university. Your preferred name will appear in D2L Brightspace, MavMail, class rosters, MavCard and other university systems. A preferred name can replace your first, middle, and/or last name. You can even choose one name if you like (e.g., Adele, Ludacris, Bono, Sting, Prince, Elvis, Madonna, Oprah, Cher). The university can deny a first name if inappropriate. Your legal name will still appear where required by university policy, or state or federal law. Your regular mavmail address will still work. Both the regular mavmail and your new preferred-name address will send mail to the same account. Click on this option if you are interested in changing your preferred name for the University.

Student Handbook

As part of being a student here at Minnesota State University, Mankato you are expected to follow our code of conduct. It is a good idea for you to at least once take a look at these. It is important for you to follow our Univeristy policies to be a good student and a good member of our society. Good citizenship is our goal for every student that comes through our campus, digitally or in person. Taking a look at our policies help you become a better student, and adult as you move on from the University.

Technology Support

We provide technology support across a number of different areas. This is a link to our IT Solutions homepage. Here you can view all of the services available. You can always contact them from their website, or visit them in person at the IT Solutions Center in the basement of Wissink Hall in the ACC.

Writing Center

The Writing Center is a great place for all your writing needs. Are you having trouble writing a big paper for a class? Do you need help with revisions and reworking a paper to make it perfect? Then the Writing Center is the place for you! As part of the Center for Academic Success, the Writing Center is the primary on-campus source for free academic support in the areas of writing, speech and modern languages. They design and implement innovative programming and services to assist all students with their development as confident and effective writers and communicators.