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Our Strategic Vision: 2010 - 2015

As Minnesota State University, Mankato nears its 150th year of existence, we stand on the threshold of a new era of achievement. We have reached this point because of our intense desire to go further than anyone thought possible, combining big ideas with real-world thinking to turn dreams into reality.

This new era is ours to define. And in doing so, we choose once again to go further… to go beyond the limitations of today's higher education conventions. We will do so by focusing our talent and energy on high-priority initiatives that transform our university in three critical ways:

Break down the barriers that limit traditional universities from achieving the greatest and most positive impact on our world. These include barriers within our institution and barriers that stand between the university and the wider world. As a result, we will be strongly positioned to…

Create solutions for the most pressing challenges facing our state, nation, and world. Our superior ability to build working teams internally and externally will allow us to align and orient our diverse resources to solve problems.

By breaking down barriers and aggressively creating solutions for pressing challenges, we will…

Achieve a new level of greatness that will inspire us, and our partners, to envision even bigger ideas and apply real-world thinking even more broadly. Powered by this inspiration, we will continue to go further than we thought possible to serve our entire global community.

To achieve this transformation, the University has identified five strategic action steps:

  1. Change the world by collaboratively addressing our planet's most challenging problems.
  2. Foster the thriving and robust academic culture of a university with applied doctoral programs.
  3. Greatly expand the reach of our extended learning programs.
  4. Reinvigorate our physical home and build the campus of the future.
  5. Measure and continuously improve our work to ensure excellence in all that we do.

Taking these actions steps will bring benefits to not only the world, but also our University. Students will learn to become innovative, globally attuned leaders in their professions. Faculty and staff will experience greater professional growth through innovation and collaboration. And over time, Minnesota State Mankato will pull away from its competitors by moving upward to the next level of greatness.

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