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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Page address: http://www.mnsu.edu/student/assessment/resources.html

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Books and Articles

Author Title Year
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Description Location Address
Commission on Assessment for Student Development American College Personnel Association http://www.acpa.nche.edu/comms/comm09/comm09.htm
Assessment Forum Amierican Association of Higher Education http://www.aahe.org/
ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment & Evaluatoin Educational Resources Information Center http://ericae.net/
Student Affairs Research: Links to Office and resources in North America University of North Carolina http://www.uncc.edu/stuaffairs/sarlinks.htm
Undergraduate Outcomes Assessment University of Colorado at Boulder http://www.colorado.edu/pba/outcomes/
Student Outcomes Assessment Montana State University http://www.montana.edu/~aircj/assess/
Office of Institutional Research Ohio University http://www.cats.ohiou.edu/~insres/assessments/
Outcomes Assessment Seton Hall University http://academic.shu.edu/outcomes/
The Higher Learning Commission   http://www.ncahigherlearningcommission.org/