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The Division of Student Affairs offers many challenging and rewarding graduate assistantships that combine graduate studies, paid employment, and professional development. Many graduate assistantships are available each year.

As a graduate assistant, you can gain valuable experience in programming, advising, administration, and interpersonal communication. Although there is some variation by department and the pay rate is subject to change, remuneration usually includes a stipend of $8,000 (20 hours per week) for an academic year. Benefits include full tuition waiver up to 18 semester credits a year (9 credits per semester) not including summer sessions.

Note: Separate applications are required for each position of interest to you. The following departments under student affairs may have graduate assistantships available for the upcoming year. Contact the department directly for information.

Divisional Assistantship Opportunities

Campus Recreation

Three graduate assistant positions are available in Campus Recreation, which provides a wide array of activities to the Minnesota State University community. First, the Intramural Sports and Sports Clubs graduate assistant works with full-time staff in coordinating the recruitment, hiring, training, scheduling, and evaluation of student supervisors and intramural sports officials along with programming individual, dual, and team sports activities. Next, the Open Recreation and Facilities graduate assistant works with full-time staff in the administration of all aspects of the program, along with scheduling and managing facilities, equipment, and personnel. Lastly, the Fitness and Aquatics Graduate Assistant works with full-time staff to administer all aspects of the fitness activities and aquatics programs including the fitness center and aerobics program, the pool and swimming lessons, along with hiring, training, scheduling, and supervising student personnel.

For more information on these opportunities or the application process, contact the Office of Campus Recreation, 118 Myers Field House, 507-389-6215.

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center offers a variety of interrelated services that address student's needs from their initial enrollment rhough alumni/ae status. The Center's developmentally-based initiatives include career counseling, academic major selection, part-time and seasonal employment listings, internship information and job seeking assistance.

Graduate assistants in the Career Development Center are assigned a range of responsibilities such as: providing students with career counseling and job search assistance on a one-to-one basis; assisting individual students in determining an academic major; helping students identify and access resources within the Career Resource Library and on the internet; conducting workshops; presenting to groups on career related issues; assisting with the planning, marketing and administration of career fairs, instructing students in the use of our mavjobs.com system for contacting prospective employers.

For more information on these opportunities or to learn about the application process for graduate assistants, contact Career Development Center, 209 Wigley Administration Center, 507-389-6061.

Centennial Student Union

The Centennial Student Union (CSU) occupies a unique place within the structure of the University. The Union serves as an information center and a dining center, as well as a general center for the campus community. The CSU provides space for meetings and conferences, and houses the Student Senate, Recreation Center, Student Leadership Development & Service-Learning, Indigo cafeteria, University Bookstore, The Reporter, Women's Center, International Student Office, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center, and the Campus Computer Store.

As a graduate assistant in the Centennial Student Union, you will assist in the management of the Student Union, including student employee supervision.

For more information on these opportunities or the application process, contact the Centennial Student Union Office, 220 Centennial Student Union, 507-389-2224.

First Year Experience

The New Student and Family Programs (FYE) has a core mission of first year student success and retention. Through a variety of programs, the Office is poised to impact students at the time of entrance to the University, throughout the first year and beyond.

Housed within the Division of Student Affairs, and facilitating Academic Affairs supported programs, the office is uniquely positioned to work with staff and faculty from both divisions to impact the success of first year students!

The office offers a variety of assistantship experiences within a combination of areas; including New and Transfer Student Orientation, Learning Communities, First Year Seminar 100, and Academic Advisement. Graduate students will find an exciting office environment with a professional staff committed to providing a quality experience of theory to practice/professional mentorship to graduate students employed with the FYE Office.

An overview of programmatic areas of the Office includes the following:

First Year Seminar 100

A 1-credit General Education course available to interested First Year Students with a goal of promoting further development of student success skills, such as reading, writing, and speaking in order to help students gain intellectual confidence, build expectations of academic success, and to provide assistance in making the transition to MSU. Thirty sections are offered each fall semester, with additional sections available for spring enrollment.

Advising Support Services

The Office staff serves as primary academic advisors to students who have not yet decided on a major; offer support and referral to any student with academic or college transition difficulties, as well as answer general advising questions. Also, Office staff serve as probationary advisors to students non-declared in major, who are no longer in good standing with MSU academically. A mandatory comprehensive advising process is utilized to assist students while on academic probation.

Learning Communities

Learning Communities provide students an opportunity to join a community that supports their academic success and transition to college life. Learning Communities are groups of first year students who take some of the courses together and live in the same residence hall. Participants develop lasting friendships with students who share common interests and have the opportunity to interact with campus faculty.

New and Transfer Student Orientation

Comprehensive programs are offered during both summer and academic year terms to actively prepare students for the transition to the MSU community. Tracks of programming include first year transition issues, introductions to campus services and academic colleges, academic advising and course registration

Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEO)

The Office serves as administrator for the PSEO program at MSU. This program allows qualified high school juniors and seniors to take classes which apply for both college credit and high school graduation credit. The Office specifically provides campus orientation sessions, administrative oversight, academic advising, and student support for program attendees.

For more information on these opportunities and complete position descriptions for available positions, contact the New Student and Family Programs, 10 Gage Complex, Phone: 507-389-5498, Fax: 507-389-5183.

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is the repository of a student's academic record. Both current students and alumni are served in regard to the many aspects of student records. Services include class registration, sending transcripts, verification of enrollment for internal and external agencies, undergraduate transfer credit evaluation, and graduation evaluation for undergraduate degrees. Graduate assistants work with the academic athletic eligibility officer in the Office of the Registrar in administering the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) guidelines. Graduate assistants deal with confidential information, and preferably will have knowledge of undergraduate degree areas, particularly what constitutes majors and minors as well as general education requirements. A knowledge of all aspects of academic life (admissions, athletics, freshman eligibility, registration, graduation application and athletic satisfactory progress) is desirable.

For more information on these opportunities or the application process, contact the Office of the Registrar, 132 Wigley Administration Center, 507-389-6266.

Residential Life

The Department of Residential Life is responsible for the on-campus housing of 2,950 students living in residential communities of 200 to 350 students. Each of the three Complex areas (Gage, McElroy, and Crawford) offers unique communities including: upper-class, special interest floors, and floors designed to support the success of first year students.

The Department of Residential Life employs 13 graduate assistants. The 12 Assistant Complex Directors (ACDs) gain valuable experience in supervision, student and community development, program coordination, counseling, hall government advising, student discipline, and administration. Each of these positions supervises four to eight community advisors. The ACDs are supervised by a Complex Director, a full-time Student Affairs professional. All halls are non-smoking, and all rooms are wired for internet access.

The Academic Programming Coordinator (APC) creates and implements programming that supports the academic success of first year students in Maverick Hall. The APC supervises twelve Maverick Mentors and reports to the Gage Complex Director and works with a variety of academic support offices on campus to reach out to students in a fun, helpful way.

Remuneration includes a furnished one-bedroom apartment, cable television, internet access, local phone service, a partial meal plan, full tuition, professional development funds, and Student Affairs graduate assistantship compensation.

For more information on these opportunities or the application process, contact the Residential Life Office, 111 Carkoski Commons, 507-389-1011.

Student Leadership Development & Service-Learning

Student Leadership Development & Service-Learning promotes student development through co-curricular programs at Minnesota State University, Mankato. The major areas of activity include: the Student Events Team, Campus Programming Board, Fraternities and Sororities, Student Organizations, AmeriCorps, Jumpstart, Service-Learning volunteers, and the Stunting and Men's Stunting cheer teams. Graduate assistants work with one or two of these areas during their first year in the office. A second year graduate assistant will have an opportunity to gain experience working with other areas. All of the assistantships offer opportunities to supervise budgets ranging from $5,000 to $50,000, advise students on program planning, assist in developing policies, and provide leadership development opportunities for students. Other activities requiring graduate assistantship involvement include budget preparation, supervision, and staff/student training.

These graduate assistantships provide a training ground for work in a variety of settings. One learns organizational and advising skills, how to impact the growth and development of students, and how to work professionally with a wide variety of people. The enthusiasm and energy of the student body provides for a fun and exciting experience in the Student Leadership Development & Service-Learning Office. For more information on these opportunities or the application process, contact Student Leadership Development & Service-Learning, 173 Centennial Student Union, 507-389-6076.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center (LGBTC)

The LGBT under Student Leadership Development & Service-Learning provides information, education, networking, and referral to enhance the understanding of sexuality issues, particularly lesbian, gay, and bisexual orientation concerns. The 20-hour-per-week graduate assistant is responsible for developing and conducting classroom presentations; coordinating and publicizing programs and events sponsored by the LBGT Center; consulting with faculty, staff, and students; assisting persons in using the resource library; making referrals to support groups, counselors, and other resources; and working with the peer advocates group. For more information on these opportunities or the application process, contact the Program Coordinator for theLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center, 173 Centennial Student Union, 507-389-5131.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services provides comprehensive medical care, laboratory, and pharmacy services for enrolled students. The Health Education Office provides campus-wide programming related to health and wellness. The Health Education Office is staffed by three health educators who specialize in alcohol and drug issues, reproductive health issues, and nutrition/eating disorders. The Health Education Office maintains a peer health educator team that does extensive programming on campus.

Student Health Services employs two graduate assistants in the Health Education Department to assist the health educators with developing, promoting, and scheduling health education/peer health education activities. The graduate assistants help with leadership of the peer health educator program, including recruitment, selection, training, and management of peer health educators. Office duties are also required. Development of presentations on health and wellness issues such as stress management, nutrition/fitness, sexuality issues, and/or drug and alcohol use is also required when needed.

For more information on these opportunities or the application process, please contact Student Health Services, 21 Carkoski Commons, 507-389-6276.

Vice President's Office/Student Conduct

The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs is concerned with the overall management of the Division of Student Affairs. Located within this office is the University student conduct function, staffed by two 20-hour-per-week graduate assistants. Alleged violations of the Statement of Student Responsibilities are investigated and adjudicated. Although most matters are resolved informally in one-on-one meetings with students, graduate assistants also present contested cases to the University student conduct board. Delivering educational outreach presentations and developing print materials are other important position responsibilities.

For more information on these opportunities or the application process, contact the Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, 228 Wigley Administration Center, 507-389-2121.

Women's Center

The Women's Center at MSU seeks creative, enthusiastic graduate students, interested in working in a collaborative environment to gain a variety of programming-focused experiences serving students. Opportunities exist to coordinate conferences and events, advise student groups, develop publications, manage the resource library, and serve on campus-wide commissions. While specific assistantship positions are flexible to meet the interests and needs of the persons filling them, responsibilities will include working with nontraditional students, sexual violence issues, group development, coordinating events and activities, and individual and group advisement.

Applicants should have a commitment to diversity, an understanding of the complexity of work related to women's issues, highly developed interpersonal skills, and a willingness to learn and work in a collaborative environment. Preference will be given to those applicants who have experience coordinating programs or working with gender and diversity initiatives.

For more information on these opportunities or the application process, contact the Director of the Women's Center, 218 Centennial Student Union, 507-389-6146.

For information about the many other graduate assistantship opportunities at the University, you may contact Career Development Center (CDC), academic departments of interest to you, and the Human Resources Job Posting Webpage. On-campus and off-campus job listings can be found at the CDC website.

Complementary Programs for Divisional Assistantships

Departments within Student Affairs give special consideration in hiring to graduate students in the College Student Affairs program. The College Student Affairs program is a track within the Counseling and Student Personnel department. Other graduate students given full consideration include other tracks in Counseing and Student Personnel and majors in Human Performance, Experiential Education, and Women's Studies. Graduate students outside these degree areas may be considered with prior experience related to the practice of student affairs.

Although different skills are preferred depending upon the position responsibilities, all of the positions require interpersonal skills, communication skills, and a genuine desire to assist students in their academic and personal development. Previous paid or volunteer experience in student affairs, student organizations, human service work, or the social sciences is desired.

College Student Affairs

Department of Counseling and Student Personnel

The Department of Counseling and Student Personnel prepares students at the graduate level in the following professional areas: College Student Affairs, Community Counseling, and School Counseling (Elementary, Middle School and Secondary). The College Student Affairs graduate program is the preparation program for future College Student Affairs professionals. This is a broad program designed to prepare individuals for positions on the college campus in admissions, counseling, financial aid, student housing, student activities, career development, and student affairs administration. Applicants from various undergraduate disciplines may apply for admission. Academic promise and leadership potential are important considerations for acceptance into the program.

The College Student Affairs program is a two-year Master of Science degree program which includes course work in College Student Affairs, the American College Student, Campus Ecology, Administration, Career Development, Counseling Theory, Counseling Process, Research Methods, and elective work in related areas. Each student is required to complete either a thesis or alternative plan paper and pass comprehensive examinations. The College Student Affairs program involves a choice of practicum/internship experiences from a wide range of student affairs areas. The practicum/internship experience provides students with the opportunity to work directly with student affairs professionals in various University departments and in other institutions in the surrounding area.

For more information, contact the Department of Counseling and Student Personnel, 107 Armstrong Hall, 507-389-2423.

Department of Human Performance

The strength of the graduate programs in the Department of Human Performance at Minnesota State University, Mankato, rests in flexibility. There are opportunities for students to pursue either the Master of Arts or Master of Science degree in Physical Education. Programs may be structured to the needs of the generalist planning either to enter or return to the public school setting. Additionally, for the student who desires specialization, the program affords opportunities for in-depth studies in the following areas:

  • Developmental/Adapted Physical Education
  • Sport Administration
  • Elementary/Secondary Physical Education
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation/Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Psychological Aspects of Sport

Excellent interdisciplinary relationships exist across the university in departments offering graduate studies. Students are encouraged, where appropriate, to avail themselves of various dimensions of expertise. The graduate program also offers a complement of summer classes, facilitating continuity in graduate pursuits. For more information, contact Human Performance, 1400 Highland Center, 507-389-6313.

Experiential Education

The Master of Science degree program in Experiential Education is the oldest graduate degree program in Experiential Education in the United States. The program is housed in the Department of Educational Leadership and has expanded its vision and developed an ever-increasing number of options for graduate students. Although there is still a strong and viable tradition of involvement in outdoor activities, the department is committed to the idea that Experiential Education is much broader than wilderness programming. For more information contact Educational Leadership, 115 Armstrong Hall, 507-389-1116.

Women's Studies

The Master of Science in Women's Studies is geared to each student's specific interests and career direction. Based in the social sciences and humanities, the program comprises four core courses in Women's Studies theory and methods and a variety of departmental and interdisciplinary electives. The program combines individual course work, required internships, cross-disciplinary seminars, and individual and cooperative research projects. The program is expressly feminist; it is oriented toward training activists, including encouragement of active involvement in the National Women's Studies Association. The program attracts students from the region, from throughout the U.S., and from abroad. For more information, contact Women's Studies, 109 Morris Hall, 507-389-2077.

Paying For Your Education

MSU's low tuition makes us one of the Nation's best bargains in graduate education!

MSU is committed to making a respected, quality graduate education available to Minnesota residents and to those residing outside of the state borders.

A full graduate assistantship will provide almost the entire cost of attending MSU for an academic year.

Financial aid is also available to students who demonstrate financial need and otherwise meet program and application requirements. These include Federal Work-Study, Federal Stafford Student Loans, Federal Perkins Student Loans, Student Education Loan Fund (SELF). To apply, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the academic year in which financial assistance is needed. March 15th is the priority date for filing the FASA for students interested in a department work-study funded position. Check the department for the specific assistantship application deadlines. For additional information about financial assistance, please contact the Office of Financial Services at the Campus Hub, 117 Centennial Student Union, 507-389-1866.