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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Mavericks After Dark

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Chairperson: Alex Arndt

Mavericks After Dark Chair Person

Mavericks After Dark (MAD) committee programs unique late night events once a month. These themed events include free food, activities, games, bowling and billiards, collaboration with student organizations, and much more! The sky is the limit with this exciting committee!

 Tubing at Mt. Kato - January 20 - 7pm to 11pm

There will be free tubing at Mount Kato for Minnesota State University, Mankato students on Jan. 20.

There will be free tubing at Mount Kato on Sat., Jan. 20 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.  Free shuttles will be provided with stops on and off campus starting at 6:30 p.m. The last bus will depart from Mount Kato at 11 p.m. Student must bring their MavCard for free tubing and to use the Mount Kato shuttles.

Bus Routes

Route 1- Huntington Hill/Southwood Terrace Southwood lot Preska Residence Hall Alumni Building Parking lot (The Quads, U Square, and Highland Hills Appartments)

Route 2- The Summit bus stop/Stadium Heights/College Town/College Station Parking Lot/Live Active Club House

Students are also able to drive to the Mount Kato for this event. Mount Kato is located at 20461 Hwy 66 Mankato, MN 56001.

Students attending this event are encouraged to dress warm. Mount Kato has an indoor facility with concessions available for purchase.

This is the fourth time free tubing has been provided for students in recent years. “I went to the Free Tubing at Mount Kato event two years ago and I had such a blast with my friends. Tubing is a great winter outdoor activity,” said Elise Pawlak, a senior at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Music will be provided for students to enjoy while tubing by Hot 96.7 KDOG-FM.

Mavericks After Dark programs unique late night events once a month. These themed events include free food, free activities, collaboration with student organizations and more.

Student Events Team is a student-led organization that produces fun, interactive, educational events where students make lifelong memories and celebrate their Maverick pride. If students are interested in joining the team, Student Events Team meets every Tuesday at 4pm in CSU 238.

For more information contact Mavericks After Dark Chair Alex Arndt at 507-389-6076 or

When: January 20, 2018

Time: 7pm to 11pm

What: Free tubing at Mt. Kato

How: Wait at a bus station for pick-up and have a valid MAVCard

First shuttle at 6:30pm

Route 1: (41 Minutes Round Trip)

Huntington Hills/ Southwood Terrace (Southwood Lot)
Preska Residence Hall [+ 8 minutes]
Alumni Building Parking Lot (Highland Hills, the Quads & U-Square) [+ 8 minutes]

+ 25 minutes to an from Mt. Kato


Route 2: (60 minutes trips)

Summit & Jacob Heights
Stadium Heights [+ 6 minutes]
College Town/The Quaters (Timberwolf Dr) [+ 7 minutes]
College Station (Parking Lot) [+ 8 minutes]
Live Active Apartments (Club House) [+ 8 minutes]
Mt Kato

Cosmisc Bingo 2.0 - CSU Ballroom 8pm (Following Dance Marathon)

Bingo is taking on a different look at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Cosmic bingo will be one of the main after party for Mavathon 2018. The Student Events Team and the Dance Marathon are teaming up to host the event.

Bingo will begin being called at 9:00 p.m. and will take place in the CSU ballroom on February 24th. 

10 rounds of bingo will be played with smaller games in between.  Prizes will include a mini fridge, speakers, bundles of food, and much more. S

The smaller in between games will be games such as musical chairs, a scavenger hunt through the audience, who can hula-hoop the longest, and many more. These will also serve as tiebreakers incase two people get the same bingo.

“I really liked the way that they lights, neon colors, and music transformed a bingo game into something extraordinary,” said Samantha Motz, student at Minnesota State, Mankato. 

Cosmic Bingo is just like regular bingo, but is played with black lights and loud music in the background.

Students will need their MavCARD to get into the event. Backpacks are allowed. No outside food for beverage will be allowed.

March Event TBD


Kato Ninja Warrior - Try the course after the 8pm show. 9pm to 11pm

Try the course following the show! Free for Students or $5 for public.

Join Us - Thursdays  4PM - CSU173

Looking to have your say in the events that are brought to campus or would just like to help out and possibly build your resume? Then stop by our office @ CSU173 to see how you can get involved!