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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Concert Company

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Chairperson: Alex Wieland

Concert Chair

Concert company brings popular music and entertainment to campus including at least one major performance and many smaller shows. Some of the previous acts brought to campus by the Concert Company include Hoodie Allen, Phillip Phillips, Black Eyed Peas, Counting Crows, Three Doors Down, and Atmosphere. Come to a meeting and help prepare & run concerts throughout the academic year.

Big Spring Concert: Sammy Adams
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Tickets for the Sammy Adams Concert are now on sale!

Mocktails and Music - CSU Bullpen - 8pm - Jan 12, Feb 16, March 22
Battle of the Bands is Back! - Winners!
Past Concerts!
Past concerts include atmosphere, mike posner, and phillip phillips

2011 - Atmosphere; 2013 - Phillip Phillips; 2014 - Mike Posner; 2015 - Hoodie Allen.

Join Us - Tuesday 4pm - CSU245
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Looking to have your say in the events that are brought to campus or would just like to help out and possibly build your resume? Then stop by our office @ CSU173 to see how you can get involved!