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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Top 10 Advice List

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Top 10 Student Success Tips

Adivce from MSU Students:

Top 10 Factors of Success

  1. Friends and Family
  2. Personal Motivation and Passion
  3. Good Study Habits and Participating in Study Groups
  4. Advisors, Professors, and Staff who are willing to help and communicate
  5. Getting Involved (Volunteering, Greek Community, and Student Organizations)
  6. Peer Support
  7. Developing Goals and Staying Focused
  8. Drive to Be Successful
  9. Organization and Time Management
  10. Participating in a Learning Community


Top 10 Places to Study on Campus

Student studying in the MSU Library

1. Library

2. With Professor during office hours

3. Tutoring Center

4. Dorm Room or Dorm Floor Lounge

5. Quiet Areas around campus

 6. Morris Hall, Ford Hall, Wissink, Trafton, and Academic Computer Center

  7. Common Areas

  8. Outside (when nice)

  9. Perkins

  10. Group Study Rooms in the Library

Top 10 MSU Departments to Visit on CampusMSU Student in front of a MSU building

  1. Advising U
  2. Career Development Center
  3. Center for Academic Success
  4. Community Engagement Office (Jumpstart & Campus Kitchen)
  5. First Year Experience
  6. Library
  7. Office of Multicultural Affairs &Institutional Diversity
  8. Residential Life
  9. Student Activities Office (Greek Community, Student Events Team, Recognized Student Organizations, and Non-Traditional Students)
  10. Veteran’s Affairs (if applicable)

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