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Acceptance Process

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When will I get my acceptance, housing assignment, etc.?!

After our application deadline, we are often asked by students how long it will take to receive the official acceptance and next step information from their chosen exchange program or education abroad and away company.  Ideally all applicants would receive this information within 4-6 weeks after the MSU CEAA application deadline.  But sometimes it takes much longer to receive a confirmation.  Why?  Here is a general outline of what has to happen "on the other end" before an official acceptance letter can be sent to you and some of the reasons why the process is delayed (please keep in mind that each program has its own acceptance process):


1. Incomplete Applications: Before your application even goes out the MSU door, it has to be complete.  If any of your online application requirements are incomplete after the application deadline, or any of your application paperwork is missing (passport copy, class planner, recommendation letter, etc.), we will not send your application to the appropriate university/program.  In fact, any incompletes after the MSU CEAA application deadline put you at risk of having your application automatically withdrawn.


2. Approving Your Classes: Your chosen host university overseas reviews your application materials, then sends a copy of your MSU transcript and class selection list to ALL the departments from which you wish to take classes.  Each department must review your transcript to ensure you've met the pre-requisites necessary to take the class(es) you've chosen.  If you are requesting classes from more than one department the approval process will naturally take longer.


3. Semester Dates: The academic calender of your host university must be kept in mind as well.  Remember that in the Southern Hemisphere semesters run from February-June and July-November.  Many universities in Europe run their semesters from September-January and February-June.  Some universities in Asia have fall semester classes from August/September-January/February and spring semester classes from March-July.  It's very important to keep in mind that U.S.-based timeline expectations might not necessarily fit the timelines of your chosen university/program.  It's very important to be patient and understanding that you must follow your host program's timelines, even if it means waiting longer than you want to.


#3 examples: Queens University, Belfast does not send acceptance letters for Fall/Academic Year programs until June.  The University of Seoul in South Korea does not send out acceptance letters for Spring semester programs until mid-December because their Spring semester does not begin until late-February/early-March.


4. Vacation Times: Holidays are different in other countries which will alter the speed at which acceptances are processed.  Most university staff in Europe take 5-weeks of summer vacation in July and August, during which time the universities are essentially closed.  Likewise, most other countries around the world have 2-weeks of holiday in March/April and again in late-December/early-January, during which time universities are closed.