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Before (Pre-Departure)

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I've decided to do a education abroad and away program and/or I've just applied for a education abroad and away program...NOW what?


This section has been designed to guide you through the various requirements you need to complete between making the decision to study abroad and getting on the plane to fly to your chosen destination.  In this section you will find information on the following topics:



You will also be provided with pre-departure information on Health and Safety Abroad, Academics and Logistics, and Packing, Airports and Immigration Logistics through your online application with our office in the box labeled "Learning Content."


All students participating in Exchange, Spanish Language Abroad, and Education Abroad and Away Company Partner programs are required to attend a Pre-Departure Orientation run by our office in October/November for spring semester programs or March/April for summer, fall and academic year programs.  Please see the "Pre-Departure Orientation" page for more information.  After the respective application deadlines, please watch our Newsfeed for exact orientation dates.  Applicants will also receive email notices from our office announcing the orientation date, time and location. 


Pre-Departure Orientation provides an opportunity for applicants to meet other MSU students going to the same city/country/region, swap contact information for coordinating travel, get advice from MSU students who have studied abroad already or from international students who are here studying at MSU, and for our staff to share information on how to have a successful education abroad and away experience, from getting through airport security, to making sure your education abroad and away credits transfer back properly to MSU.