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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Transferring Credits

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Finalizing your pre-approved classes

The process of transferring your abroad/away credits back to MSU is unique.  When your abroad/away transcript is processed, all your classes are posted to your DARS report as elective credits.  In order to receive the major, minor or general education credit you had pre-approved before you left for your program, you need to meet with your Academic Advisor to complete a "Course Substitution" form.  This will allow your Academic Advisor to manually apply your abroad/away classes in the DARS system to the degree/graduation requirements you had pre-approved.


This information will also appear as a new requirement in your online application account after your program end date.  We will not be able to process your abroad/away transcript until you have reviewed and electronically signed understanding of the Course Substitution information, so please be sure to complete this step as soon as possible after the end of your program as to not delay the processing of your grades and credits!