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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Program Options

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Three types of education abroad programs are available at Minnesota State Mankato, as well as a special domestic exchange program option:


1. Exchange Programs: MSU has 16 "sister universities" around the world at which MSU students can study for one or two semesters (and in some cases over the summer) to earn credits towards their MSU degree requirements.  Students who participate in exchange programs pay their MSU tuition and student fees the same as any regular semester in Mankato, except for the term during which a student participates in an exchange program, payment of MSU tuition and student fees will cover the student's tuition and student fees at their chosen exchange university.  The only exceptions are the University of Stirling in Scotland, and Queen's University, Belfast in Northern Ireland (for certain subjects).  Please visit the "Exchange Programs" link above for more details.  Exchange program participants will also be responsible for paying all other fees outside of MSU tuition and student fees that are associated with their chosen program, including (but not limited to) the same sorts of expenses they incur each semester here in Mankato: books and class materials, housing, utilities, food, laundry, miscellaneous necessities (toothpaste, clothes, etc.), local transportation, entertainment, miscellaneous travel, etc.  Both our office and the international office at the chosen exchange university will provide information and/or assistance on how to successfully live as a temporary resident in a foreign country.  Most of our partner exchange universities do provide pre-arranged housing for our students.  For more information on exchange programs, please click on the "Exchange Programs" link above.


2. Faculty-led Programs: Many MSU faculty have created opportunties for students to have short-term international experiences either as part of semester-long classes they take in Mankato, or special opportunities to earn MSU credits through short, intensive travel study programs.  The average length of faculty-led programs is 10 days, although programs exist that are as short as one week and as long as 6 weeks.  Included in this category are the 6-week international student teaching options currently offered in Abu Dhabi, Australia, and Costa Rica through the College of Education's Office of Field and International Experience as well as the 1-month summer, 2-month summer, full semester or full academic year Spanish Language Abroad programs offered in Costa Rica, Ecuador and Spain through the MSU Spanish program in conjunction with the Spanish language schools Maximo Nivel and Estudio Sampere.  For more information on faculty-led programs available for this academic year, please click on the "Faculty-led Programs" link above.  


3. Partner Programs: Because we are not able to provide exchange or faculty-led programs in every corner of the world, and in order to expand MSU students' international experience options beyond study programs into international internship and service-learning opportunities as well, our office also partners with 11 other local universities and U.S.-based study abroad companies to provide a very broad array of academic program opportunities in more than 60 countries.  Program options through our partner programs can last anywhere from one week to one academic year, include classroom study, internships, research/field-work, community-based service-learning projects or any combination of the four, and offer many opportunities to participate in all of the above IN ENGLISH, even in non-English speaking countries!  If you don't find the program you're looking for through our Exchange or Faculty-led programs, check out our Partner Programs page through the above link! 


SPECIAL U.S. EXCHANGE OPPORTUNITY: If the idea of studying at another university for one semester or a full academic year as part of your MSU undergraduate degree sounds really appealing, but you're not sure you want to go to a completely different country to do so, you can participate in the domestic exchange program "National Student Exchange (NSE)" instead!  Students can choose from over 200 North American colleges and universities through the NSE program, located in every region of the U.S. as well as in Canada, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the U.S. territory of Guam located in the Pacific Ocean.  For more information on the NSE program, click on the "National Student Exchange" link above.


Visit here to view our exchanges and partner universities around the world.

Incoming exchange students can click here for information about our university and exchange program.