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Will my abroad/away grades impact my MSU GPA?

After the end date of your program, a new requirement will appear in your online application account describing your options for transferring abroad/away grades back to MSU.  If your program transcript is from a U.S. university your letter grades will automatically be transferred back to MSU and will be calculated into your GPA.


If your program transcript is from a foreign university or is a grade report from a education abroad and away company, you will have two options for grade transfer.


Option #1 is to have your letter grades transfer back.  With option #1 your grades will be calculated into your MSU GPA. 


Option #2 is to transfer your grades back as pass/fail only.  This option will not impact your MSU GPA and your abroad classes can still be used to meet major/minor/general education requirements.  HOWEVER, if you ARE intending to use your abroad classes to meet major or minor requirements, before you choose the pass/fail option, you need to check with your major and/or minor department(s) to verify that they will accept pass/fail grades.  Each department makes its own decision on accepting or not accepting pass/fail grades for degree requirements, and some departments only accept letter grades for such requirements.


You can only choose one option for all your classes.  You cannot choose pass/fail for some classes and letter grades for other classes.