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Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Passport and Visa Information

Useful Study Abroad Links

On-Line Cross-Cultural Orientation

What's Up With Culture? Outgoing MSU students are strongly encouraged to work through this website to help prepare them for their international experience and to minimize culture shock.  We recommend that you do this program in stages. Plan to complete module one before you come to the study abroad pre-departure orientation in November or April.

Diversity in Study Abroad

  • Diversity Abroad: International experiences have had a tremendous effect on the personal and professional lives of countless minority business professionals, entertainers, athletes, as well as community and government leaders.While no place is completely free from discrimination, many minority students discover less discrimination abroad than at their home universities.
  • Journey Woman is a site specifically for women traveling abroad.
  • Mobility International is a great resource for travelers with disabilities.
  • Out and About has travel information for the LGBT community.
  • The Project for Learning Abroad, Training and Outreach facilitates a website designed to promote study abroad participation among underrepresented students, addressing some of the issues and challenges ethnicity may play in their study abroad experience and linking them to additional information, resources and scholarships.
  • [PDF] VA Benefits (89 KiB)- Important information for veterans studying abroad under post-9/11 GI Bill

International Travel Links

  • Eurail provides information on train tickets, schedules, and travel around Europe.
  • Hazel sends postcards with your digital photos for only $1.50. Send one home while you are abroad.
  • Hostels.com is a searchable database of hostels around the world.
  • Igougo.com is a community of travelers sharing reviews, photos, and links to airfares.
  • Let's Go is a travel guide compiled by Harvard Students traveling the world.
  • Lonely Planet has a good website with general country guides and a well-used online discussion called Thorntree. Use it to ask country-specific questions.
  • Monetos has practical guides and tips for students on finding housing, visiting doctors, opening bank accounts, etc. in the European Union.
  • Rick Steves is the authority for U.S. Americans traveling in Europe.
  • Rough Guides is another stellar guidebook publisher with great insights.
  • Savvy Traveler is a fantastic site with tons of resources about the logistics of travel abroad.
  • The Art of Travel is a travel book written by John Gregory. You can read the entire book online.
  • Travelite is a great site for travelers looking to pack minimally.
  • World Hum is general travel page with  links to news stories, travel blogs and everything under the international traveler's sun.

 Flight Information                                    

  • AirTreks sells Round The World Tickets (RTW) and Circle Pacific tickets.
  • BetterBidding provides valuable advice for booking air travel online
  • Delta Airlines has a major hub at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport. Delta has a good selection of flights to Asia, as well as Europe, through their Dutch partner KLM.
  • Easy Jet has some great deals on flight within Europe.
  • Kayak helps you find websites with the lowest air travel prices.
  • Priceline allows travelers to make bids on plane tickets. If your bid is accepted, you are required to pay.
  • Rick Steves has compiled a list of low cost airlines in Europe.
  • Smarter Travel is a good sight for news about flight sales, international and domestic.
  • STA Travel is one of the best places to look for cheap tickets. They sometimes have discounts for students and allow a search for an "open-jawed" ticket, which allows travelers to leave from one destination, travel overland, and return from a different destination. Very useful.
  • Studentuniverse.com offers international travel fares discounted specifically for students.
  • Wegolo has great deals on flights to and within Europe.
  • Zuji has great deals on flights to and within Asia.

Travel Insurance

Minnesota State Mankato students studying abroad for any length of time, including short-term study tours, are required under Minnesota State policy to be covered international insurance.  The Center for Education Abroad and Away automatically orders insurance for students through one of two policies depending on the type of program and destination country.  The only exception is for students participating in a study abroad company program (AIFS, ASA, ISA/GlobaLinks, LdM).  International insurance coverage is typically included in the program fee paid directly by the student to the study abroad company.

  • HTH Worldwide Insurance: Most students will be covered by HTH insurance while abroad.  HTH offers in-network doctors, clinics and hospitals around the world, as well as access for plan-holders to in-country health, medical and emergency services information, prescription medicine conversions (different countries use different brand names of common prescription medicines), and medical term/phrase translations for various languages.
  • International Student Identification Card (ISIC): Some countries require international students to purchase student insurance coverage in that country.  Unfortunately such plans typically do not include coverage required by Minnesota State for certain major events (i.e. evacuation for political unrest or natural disasters).  In an effort to ensure coverage for such major events but also avoid having our students pay twice for full insurance plans, for students participating in certain programs, we will instead order the ISIC card.  Programs for which ISIC is ordered for students by the Center for Education Abroad and Away include University of South Australia exchange, buro302 HAN University internship exchange, and Spain locations of the Estudio Sampere Spanish language abroad program.  As well as international insurance coverage, this card provides the holder with many student discounts abroad.