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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Placeholder Course

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What am I supposed to register for during the semester I'm studying abroad?

The CEAA 101 "placeholder course"

If you are participating in a semester, academic year or select exchange summer program, during the term you are abroad, the MSU CEAA will register you for the "class" CEAA 101.  All semester students will be automatically enrolled in 12 credits for, while select exchange summer program participants will automatically be enorlled in ??? credits.


Why do we do this?


We want to ensure that your full-time student status at MSU is maintained while you are studying abroad.  Likewise, if you are receiving financial aid through MSU for the term you are studying abroad, we also want to ensure that MSU is still able to process your financial aid!  Neither of these things would be possible if we did not enroll you in the CEAA 101 "placeholder course."  We call it a placeholder course because CEAA 101 holds your place as a full-time, financial aid-receiving student in the university's enrollment and registration system, even though you are not taking classes in Mankato.


If you receive the Minnesota Grant and need to take at least 15 credits, or if you simply take more than 12 credits during the term you are abroad and want to make sure your CEAA 101 placeholder course accurately reflects those credits, please read about the "Verification of Enrollment" in the During (While Abroad) section.