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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Verification of Enrollment

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Getting All Your Financial Aid and Credits

Per request by the Student Financial Services Office, initially we only register students in 12 credits per semester of the CEAA 101 placeholder course.  However, many students take more than 12 credits abroad/away, including students who receive the Minnesota Grant and need to take a minimum of 15 credits to receive their full grant award.


So how do we fix this?


After the start date of your program, a new requirement will appear in your online application account called "Verification of Enrollment."  This requirement will provide instructions on how to submit verification to our office regarding the number of credits you are enrolled in at your host university.  When we receive this verification, we will forward it to the Student Financial Services office so they can ensure that you receive all the financial aid money available to you based on your registered credits.


Please keep in mind that if you drop any classes after submitting your "Verification of Enrollment," it will be reflected in your transcript at the end of your program and you will be required to immediately re-pay any extra financial aid funds disbursed to you.  This could block you from registering for future MSU classes amongst other negative repercussions.  If your credit enrollment decreases after you submit your "Verification of Enrollment," please be sure to save the appropriate amount of financial aid for those credits to be easily and quickly repaid to MSU, and contact the Student Financial Services Office as soon as possible to set up repayment.