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Advising FAQs

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Can I be released from my contract early?

A contract student is admitted because he/she has agreed to the terms of the contract, which requires him/her to be on contract for one year. Under rare circumstances transfer students may be required to be on contract for only one semester.  Being on contract is a privilege.   Contract students receive intentional, individualized assistance with registration, study skills and referral to resources.

How do I find out when I register?

The registration timeline is based on the number of credits students have completed; most entering freshmen have zero credits. To find out when a student can register for the following term, he/she needs to log on to the on-line registration page through the MSU website After selecting the correct term the student can click on the “registration window” link to see his/her registration time.

Why does the contract say registration credits may be limited?

Our main goal is to make certain your first year is successful. We will work closely with you to create a schedule that moves you forward and is rigorous without setting you up for failure. Students in the Contract Program are not limited to a set number of credits. An average schedule will be around 14 credits with some students registering for 12 and others for 16.

Why do I have to take MATH 098/ENG 100 or 103?

Students who have an ACT math sub score lower than 22 must pass the Accuplacer assessment exam or take Math 098 as preparation for Math 112. Students who have an ACT English sub score below 18 must pass the Accuplacer assessment exam or register for Eng 100 before registering for Eng 101. These courses are designed to prepare students for success in subsequent English and Math courses. 

Can a class count in more than one goal area for general education?

Yes. A class can count for more than one general education goal area at the same time. If the undergraduate bulletin indicates that a course fulfills goals area  5 and 7, it fills all areas at once; students do not need to choose which area they want the course to fulfill. However, students still need a total of 44 general education credits by the time they graduate. Even if students have filled all the goal areas, they may still need to take elective general education courses to complete the total 44 credits.

Do I have to register for classes with my advisor?

No. The only time students are required to register with an advisor is during orientation. However, students must discuss plans to register and create a tentative course schedule with their advisor prior to registration. Students who have an academic hold will not be allowed to register until they have met with their advisor to discuss course options for the coming semester. After the registration hold has been lifted students are free to register anywhere they have internet access after their designated registration time.

What happens if I fail a class?

Students can repeat the course if they choose and replace the grade for a higher one. Failing a class will have a negative impact on students GPA and they may have difficulty maintaining the cumulative GAP of 2.0 or higher. Each time a course is taken it will count as attempted credits in calculation of the course completion rate and credit limits for financial aid.  NOTE: Individual departments and major programs may limit the number of repeats allowed in courses which apply to the minor/major.

What happens if I fall below a 2.0 GPA my first semester?

  1. All contract students below 2.0 GPA following first semester will be required to attend academic success workshops focusing on time management, note taking, crititcal reading, test taking and other study skills.
  2. All contract students falling below a 2.0 GPA may be required to meet weekly with his/her advisor during the second semester. 
  3. Students who have a GPA significantly below 2.0 may have their admission rescinded after only one semester.

After two semesters, what will happen?

  1. Students who have successfully met the terms of the contract (achieved a 2.0 GPA, maintained a 67% completion rate, and met every other week with an advisor) will be released from contract.
  2. Students who are below a 2.0 GPA, below a 67% course completion rate, and/or failed to meet other conditions of the contract will have their admission rescinded. This decision may be appealed through Academic Affairs Academic Reinstatement process (be aware that appeals are rarely successful).

What if I have a complaint or a suggestion about the Center?

The Director of the Center for Academic Success would love to hear from you. Please send us an e-mail at