Placement Testing

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The Center for Academic Success administers all Accuplacer Assessment Testing for the University. Students who need to take either Assessment Test should contact the Center for Academic Success at (507) 389-1791 to make an appointment.


Accuplacer Assessment Testing

Please bring a picture ID and arrive at the testing site early enough to allow time to complete the necessary exam. We recommend 1 hour for mathematics and 30 minutes for English. However time needed to complete an exam varies by individual and there is no time limit on the exams.

Mathematics Placement Testing

The following table is intended to assist with the interpretation of the current [PDF] Math Placement Policy (242 KiB). Placement into the specified course requires meeting ACT, Accuplacer, or Course Prerequisite criteria. 

Course Minimum ACT Math Subscore   Minimum Accuplacer Elementary Algebra Score   Minimum Accuplacer College Level Math Score   Minimum Accuplacer Calculus Readiness Score   Course Prerequisites
Math 112 22 Or 75.5 AND 49.5   N/A Or Successful completion of Math 098
Math 113 22 Or N/A   63 Or 16 Or Math 112 with “C” or better
Math 115 23 Or N/A   86 Or 19 Or Permission from dept. chair
Math 121 24 Or N/A   103 Or 22 Or Math 115 or both Math 112 and 113 with “C” or better
Math 130 23 Or N/A   86 Or 19 Or Math 112 or 115 with “C” or better
Math 201 22 Or 75.5 AND 49.5   N/A Or Successful completion of Math 098
Stat 154 19 Or 75.5 AND 49.5   N/A Or Successful completion of Math 098

**For students admitted under an earlier Bulletin/Catalog, please refer to the placement information from that Bulletin or see the Math Department for placement information.

**Any further questions should be directed to the Department of Mathematics & Statistics. (507) 389-1453

English Placement Testing