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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato
Center for Academic Success

Meet Our Desk Workers

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DeAndre C.
DeAndre C.
Program: – Physology
Hometown – Chicago, IL
Fun Facts – I like football.
Favorites – Transformers and playing football.
Why I like working in the CAS? – There will be alot of students which will allow me to meet new people along with helping them succeed.



Hamdi J.
Hamdi J.
Program: – SOWK
Hometown – Shakopee, MN
Favorites – Does my Head Look Big on This
Favorite Quote: – "Don't tell an adult to leave, but give them an attitude that can make them leave." - Ethiopian ; "If you put yourself on the ground don't complain if they step on you." - Somali
Why I like working in the CAS? – I like the people who work at the CAS



Ilaura C.
Illura C.
Program: – International Business/ French
Hometown – Elk River, MN
FavoritesMusic: City and Colour, Manchester Orchestra. Movies: 500 Days of Summer, Willow.
Why I like working in the CAS? – Because helping others learn and understand is fun.



Jena J.
Jena J.
Program: – History
Hometown – Mounds View, MN
Fun Facts – I love laughing!
FavoritesBooks: Harry Potter; Movies: Harry Potter; Music: Eminem, the Plain White T's.
Favorite Quote: – "One good thing about music, is when it hits you, you feel no pain." -Bob Marley ; "Just promise me you'll think of me every time you look up in the sky and see a stay.:" -Eminem
Why I like working in the CAS? – Because it feels great to help people and it's a great place to work.



Joshua T.
Joshua T.
Program: – Chemistry
Hometown – Wacoina, MN
FavoritesBooks: The Road. Movie: The Book of Eli. TV Show: Phineas and Ferb. App: Distant Suns 3. Hobby: Astronomy. Food:Anything.
Favorite Quote: – "With great power comes great responsibility." - Stan Lee
Why I like working in the CAS? – I enjoy working with people.



Kenean A.
Kenean A.
Program: – Law
Hometown – St. Paul, MN
Fun Facts – I love to sleep.
Favorites – A Walk to Remember, track, pizza, Christian Songs
Favorite Quote: – "Love never falls." -Bible
Why I like working in the CAS? – I like welcoming people and greeting them with comfort.



Nathan H.
Nathan H.
Program: – Drug and Alcohol Counseling
Hometown – Arlington, MN
Fun Facts – I put BBQ sause on everything. (Famous Daves is my favorite).
FavoritesBooks: The Shock. TV: South Park. I play baseball in Arlington, I love country music, and my favorite food is pork chops.
Why I like working in the CAS? – I'm not the smartest guy on campus so I would like to be a desk worker and leave the tutoring up to the smart guys.



Nicole F.
Nicole F.
Program: – Undecided
Hometown – Sherburn, MN
Fun Facts – I work at a bank.
Favorites – Burlesque, Jersey Shore, Pretty Little Liars
Why I like working in the CAS? – It will help me with my tutoring skills



Sean T.
Sean T.
Program: – Elementary Education, Minor: Dance & TESL
Hometown – Forest Lake, MN
Fun Facts – I want a bunny!
Favorites – Hobbies: Volleyball; Movies: I am Number Four, Lie to Me, The Mentalist; Food: fried rice, egg rolls, pho, curry, stirfry, rice noodles, egg drop soup, and kim-chi.
Why I like working in the CAS? – Students are fun to talk to. Diversity and intelligent people are always here.



Sierra S.
Sierra S.
Hometown – North Dakota
Fun Facts – Hand was broken in gymnastics for a year before I knew it.
FavoritesMovies: Transformers.
Why I like working in the CAS? – I'm good at communicating with others and enjoy helping others accomplish their goals.