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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Math, Science & Business Center

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Math, Science, & Business Center Mission Statement

The Math, Science, & Business Center is the primary on-campus source for free academic support in subject areas related but not limited to mathematics and science. To this effect we commit to the University's mission and core values by promoting learning in service to the community, by providing services of excellence via an exceptional team of people, by making content accessible to the student community and by performing our duties with integrity.

Our Philosophy and Approach

We seek to proffer the tools needed for the students to succeed in all areas of science, mathematics and other non-writing courses by using an engaging and interactive approach where the students feel comfortable to ask questions. Through personal interaction with smart, well-trained and engaging tutors, the Math, Science, & Business Center seeks to instill  the logical reasoning and intrapersonal study skills required to navigate through some of the most demanding and complex courses offered at Minnesota State University, Mankato. We believe in developing the student's critical thinking skills by encouraging their abilities to formulate questions and by having the student's vision converge with the teacher's. Our walk-in services provide the students with one-on-one tutoring as well small group tutoring sessions. We also incorporate the use of technologies, such as the SmartBoard, to provide more interactive tutoring environments.

Services for Math, Science, & Business

We provide tutoring in all major areas of math, science, and business. Areas such as biology, chemistry, physics, economics, accounting, anatomy, statistics, finance, IT, and (of course) mathematics, are within our daily offerings at the center.

Services for Other Areas

We also provide tutoring in areas that are otherwise not commonly offered such as geology, geography, astronomy and others. Because of our limited resources to provide help in these areas and to guarantee one-on-one tutoring sessions, we prefer that you contact us ahead of time by completing a tutor request form here.

For online tutoring services please refer to our online tutoring services.