Schedule a Writing Appointment

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To schedule an ON-SITE appointment in ML 116

  1. Access
  2. Sign in using your StarID and password.
  3. Click Search Availability...
  4. Select CAS - Writing/Languages from the dropdown menu
  5. Select the appropriate Section from the dropdown menu (Note: You may use other fields to narrow your search)
  6. Click Search
  7. Select your preferred day, time, and tutor from the search results
  8. When the Appointments Entry box opens, click Save

You have successfully scheduled an appointment!

To schedule an ONLINE appointment

  1. Access
  2. Register for an account (Note: You must use your email address and password)
  3. After creating your account, log in using your email address and password
  4. Select any white time slot to schedule that date, time and tutor
  5. Complete the appointment form and click Save Appointment
    • Note: Select Yes - Meet Online to meet with your tutor in an online environment.
    • Note: Select Yes - Schedule eTutoring Appointment to have your paper reviewed without meeting your tutor.
  6. Follow the instructions to attach your document
  7. Select Close Window

You have successfully scheduled an appointment!


To ensure that all students have fair access to the writing center, the CAS has established the following policies:

Maximum Appointments:

Students are limited to 2 non-consecutive appointments per week. If you have a special circumstance that you believe merits an exemption, contact the Assistant Director for Writing/Languages/ESL at

Advanced Booking:

We schedule appointments on a first-come, first-served basis. For this reason, we recommend that you schedule appointments in advance. During peak weeks (such as midterms and finals), we recommend that you schedule appointments 2-3 weeks in advance.


If you must miss an appointment, please let us know. Call us at 507-389-1791, email us at, or cancel your appointment through TutorTrac or WC Online. If you miss two appointments without cancelling, you will be unable to schedule appointments and must use the writing center on a walk-in basis.