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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Writing, Speech, & Languages Center

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Mission Statement

As part of the Center for Academic Success, the Writing Center is the primary on-campus source for free academic support in the areas of writing, speech and modern languages. We design and implement innovative programming and services to assist all students with their development as confident and effective writers and communicators.


We Offer the Following:

  • In-person appointments for Writing, Public Speaking, and various modern languages
  • Online appointments for Writing
  • Drop-in hours (no appointment needed) for Writing, Public Speaking and various modern languages
  • Hard copy handouts and online links to various writing and language resources

    We have three video tutorials to help you with various aspects of writing appointments. You may scroll this page to view them or click on the links below to be taken directly to a specific video:

    1. How to schedule an appointment.
    2. How to upload your paper for a no meeting / document upload appointment.
    3. How to attend and participate in a real-time appointment.


    Video Tutorial: Scheduling an Appointment

    Video Tutorial: No Meeting - Document Uploads

    Video Tutorial: Participating in a Real-Time Appointment




    Consultants will not discuss or guarantee grades, offer an opinion on the assignment, or provide copyediting services.


    What happens in an individual writing conference?

    Although conferences are tailored to a specific writer's needs, in general, consultants will:

    • ask questions about your writing situation;
    • listen to your concerns;
    • work with you to identify patterns in your essays;
    • suggest relevant prewriting, writing, or revising strategies; and
    • provide objective, constructive feedback on your writing processes and papers.

    During a conference, you may be reading your work aloud, generating ideas, and developing a plan for writing or revising.


    The purpose of a writing conference is:

    • to ensure that you are an active participant who retains complete authority over your work
    • to help with your long-term development as a writer
    • to focus on recognizing the choices you make as a writer and the impact these choices have on your text and its intended audience
    • not to produce a technically perfect paper, but to help you develop skills and strategies that will help not only with one paper, but with future writing assignments



    Tips for a Successful Session

    Be prepared. Bring the assignment, grading rubric, or syllabus as well as any notes, outlines, or drafts you have in progress. Review your work beforehand and compile a list of questions/ areas you want to address.

    Be active. Ask and answer questions, discuss your work, and participate in the session.

    Be receptive. Think through the feedback you receive and determine which revisions are necessary.