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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Is it possible to forward calls outside of the area?

This function is available for local calls only. If you had this capability with the previous system, you should still have it. Remember that you must prefix any external number with a "9."
Note: When forwarding calls to an external number, do not be surprised when you hear a dial tone as soon as you press the initial "9". Ignore the dial tone and keep dialing the number, without pausing.

What is my password to check messages?

The same one you had with the old system.

My Cisco 7912 phone only has two speed dials, can I get more?

No. The number of speed dials is restricted to the two speed buttons physically present on the telephone. Some phones, such as those with the 'call pickup' or 'call park' options, will have only one speed dial available.

How many speed dials can I have on my Cisco 7940 or 7960 phone?

The Cisco 7940 phone has two line/speed dial buttons, while the Cisco 7960 phone has six. Basically, the number of speed dials available depends on how many phone numbers the phone has. Only those line/speed dial buttons not in use for a phone number can be assigned a speed dial function.

What is a Meet Me conference?

"Meet me" allows a group of people to meet by telephone at a pre-determined time. Each attendee is given a time and a "meet me" telephone number prior to the session. When the time comes, the participants call the access number and join the conference. This service is password protected, and must be set up in advance.

How do I establish a "meet me" Conference Call?

Establishing a Meet-Me Conference Call allows other callers to dial into the conference call from anywhere. This requires a special conference number which must be reserved through ITS.

To request a number for a Conference Call date and time please contact, or call Information and Technology Services at 6651.

Steps for the conference call originator

Inform the meeting participants in advance:

  • Conference Phone number
  • Time to call - let them know if they get a busy signal they have called too early

The call originator must dial in first and initiate the call from a CISCO IP Phone.

  • Take the phone off-hook.
  • Press the More soft key to display the Meet-Me tab.
  • Press Meet Me soft key.
  • Dial the assigned four digit Meet-Me conference number to establish the meeting.
  • Note: Only the initiator needs to select 'More'/'Meet Me'.

Steps for all other conference call participants

  • Dial in to the meeting using the assigned number.
  • Dial like any phone call - they do not select 'More' or 'Meet Me'
  • On campus phones dial the 4-digit conference extension same as any other MSU number.
  • Long-distance participants will need to dial 507-389-(4-digit conference extension number).

The assigned dial-in number is authorized only for the specific date and time specified in the user's request. A new request is required for each conference session to avoid individuals dialing into someone else's conference call by mistake.