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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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New Voicemail System "Cisco Unity Connection" is HERE.

Voicemail Access: 507-389-2222

Faculty and staff that use campus telephones are provided voicemail. Voicemail recordings are delivered to the employee's Office 365 inbox. Voicemail messages can also be retrieved from the phone using the "messages" button, or remotely using the Voicemail Access number above along with a PIN.

New Unity Connection Voicemail -  November 28th @ 8:00am. It's HERE!

November 28, 2018 the University's voicemail system has changed. The former voicemail system has been discontinued, and the new service is provided by Cisco Unity Connection. Here's what you'll need to know about the change:

  • Old voicemail messages have been retained in your inbox during the transition. A method is available to access old messages through the phone using a different voicemail access number 507-389-2220 (use your old PIN). However, Unity Connection will not recognize older-recorded voicemail messages.
  • Voicemail recordings in Unity Connection (after November 28th) will continue to be delivered to your Office 365 inbox as well as accessible through your phone.
  • Each person received an email message on Monday, November 26, 2018 containing a new temporary voicemail PIN number that will need to be changed. This PIN is used to retrieve voicemail using the remote voicemail access number above. You can do this NOW!
  • Missed call notifications will be delivered to your inbox as they are today, but the format of the missed call will change.
  • Replying to a missed call or voicemail message via Outlook or MavMAIL "reply" will fail. If you would like to reply to a voicemail using email, either create a new email to the intended recipient, or forward the email containing the voicemail using email.

ALERT: Cisco ViewMail Outlook Plug-In messages

After November 20, 2018 when Outlook 2016 starts up, some people might get some prompts for Cisco ViewMail for Outlook Initialization Wizard. Here's how to get that plug-in set up:

  1. Click Next on the welcome message.
  2. For the form "Enter Voicemail Server Information"
    • Voicemail Server Name -
    • Voicemail Server Type - Connection 8.5 (Single Inbox)
    • Click Next
  3. For the form "Enter User Information" - enter your 4-digit phone extension and click Next
  4. When you see the "Completed Cisco ViewMail for Outlook Initialization Wizard" message, click Finish


Office 365 Shared Tenant Migration and Voicemail

During the Office 365 shared tenant migration beginning December 19th @ 10:00pm, voicemail service will be available and a viable way to receive notification even when the email service is unavailable. Callers can leave voicemail messages and employees can retrieve those messages using the voicemail access number (above) along with their PIN. This may be a good way to communicate important messages from students to faculty during the Office 365 migration!

Voicemail Speech-to-Text

Due to the cost of speech-to-text translation for voicemail, this service will no longer be provided to everyone. This was a free feature in the discontinued system. Individuals with needs for this accomadation should contact the office of Accessibility Resources (507) 389-2825.

New Features

  • Voicemail recording controls in Outlook are now found in the "ViewMail" tab in Outlook, (NOTE: ViewMail is not available in MavMAIL (Office 365's Outlook).
    • ViewMail is used to pause, replay, and change the speed of voicemail recordings.
    • If the ViewMail tab is not shown in Outlook, or you're using Outlook in Office 365, recorded voicemail is still available as a .WAV audio file that can be download and played on your device. 
  • Calendar meetings and appointments can be read to you (list meetings)
  • Email messages can be read to you (external messages)
  • A web page is available to customize voicemail features and options. [coming soon]
    (Previously, voicemail options were accessed in Office 365's Outlook under preferences. This is no longer available)


After November 28th, 2018, you must reset your PIN from the temporary PIN emailed to you, and configure your voicemail service and greetings. YOU CAN DO THIS NOW! Follow the steps below.

  1. Press the 'messages' button on your phone or call into Voicemail Access 507-389-2222
  2. (off-campus only) When you hear "hello, Cisco Unity Connection Messaging System" press *
  3. (off-campus only) When you hear "enter your ID, followed by #" enter your phone extension.
  4. When you hear "enter your PIN followed by #" enter your temporary PIN that was emailed to you.
  5. Follow the voicemail instructions to record you name.
  6. Follow the voicemail instructions to record a greeting.
  7. Set up a new PIN that you'll remember. (this will provide access to your voicemail messages, calendar appointments and email messages)
  8. Follow the prompts to be listed in the voicemail directory.
  9. When you hear a confirmation that your voicemail has been set up, you can hang up.

More Information

[PDF] NEW Cisco Unity Connect User Guide (249 KiB)

NEW Outlook ViewMail Instructions