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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Financial Assistance

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Departmental Scholarships

[PDF] The 2019-20 Department Scholarship application form can be found here. (106 KiB) 

Once students have become a part of the Department of Theatre & Dance, they are eligible to apply for more than two dozen scholarships offered to returning students. These scholarships range in amount from $1,100 to nearly $2,500 and are awarded, in part, on the students' contributions to the Department. Applications are available in February, with scholarships announced in late March for the upcoming year.


Scholarship History

Below is a history of scholarships presented between 1987 and the present.

Ted and Katy Paul
Theatre Endowment

2019—Mitchell Evans
2018—Gabriel Sell
2017—Emily Scinto
2016—Ian Lah
2015—Ben Stasny
2014—Sam Stoll
2013—Samuel Juhnke
2012—Kim Steffen
2011—Kim Steffen
2010—Mathias Becker
2009—Micah J. L. Kronlokken
2008—Joey Ford
2007—Angela Hesterman
2006—Angelyn Eve Faust
2005—Trick Danneker
2004—Kathleen Driscoll
2003—Christian D. Bell
2002—Danae M. Schniepp
2001—Melissa Feuchtmann
2000—Melissa Feuchtmann
1999—Daniella Bennett
1998—Spencer Kramber
1997—Patrick Rowan
1996—Camela Kramer
1995—Andrea Bilkey
1994—Kenneth P. Rosen
1993—Kenneth P. Rosen
1992—Jeffrey A. Fastner
1991—Edyth Lawrence
1990—Sandra K. Doble
1989—Timothy Werner
1988—Timothy Werner
1987—Thomas Gibis


The Sophia Bera
Theatre Scholarship

2019—Sam Buckley
2018—Alexis Vencill


The Tom and Harriet Bliese
Theatre Scholarship