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Course Descriptions

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Dance course descriptions

100 (3) Introduction to Theatre

Survey of theatre arts; lectures, with lab experience available. Note: Students may not take both THEA 115 and this class. F, S GE-6 CD-Related

101 (3) Acting for Everyone

Performance scenes and exercises for the beginner. F, S GE-6

102 (1-2) Theatre Activity: Acting

Acting in a Mainstage or approved production. Pre: Consent F, S GE-11

103 (1-2) Theatre Activity: Management

Work on stage or house management, or public relations. Pre: Consent F, S GE 11

105 (1-2) Theatre Activity: Stagecraft

Work on stage crew in a Mainstage production. Pre: Consent F, S GE-11

107 (1-2) Theatre Activity: Costume

Work on costume crew in a Mainstage production. Pre: Consent F, S GE-11

108 (1-2) Theatre Activity: Lighting

Work on lighting crew in a Mainstage production. Pre: Consent F, S GE-11

109 (1-2) Theatre Activity: Sound

Work on sound crew in a Mainstage production. Pre: Consent F, S GE-11

110 (3) Fundamentals of Acting

Performance scenes and acting exercises for the beginning theatre major. Pre: Consent F

115 (3) Experiencing Theatre

A basic investigation of the theatrical arts of acting, directing, design and playwrighting through active learning. Every student will obtain hands-on experience both in the classroom and working on MSU productions. Note: Students may not take both THEA 100 and this class. F, S GE-6, 11

121 (1) Movement for Theatre

Instructs the student through a series of dance exercises in body alignment, breathing and coordination. The student will gain a basic knowledge of dance vocabulary. Pre: Consent F CD-Core

123 (1) Beginning Jazz Dance

Fundamentals of beginning jazz dance techniques. S GE-11 CD-Core

125 (1) Afro-Caribbean Dance Forms

Fundamentals of beginning jazz dance techniques explored through Afro-Caribbean historical underpinnings. ALT-F CD-Core

126 (1) Beginning Ballet

Fundamentals of beginning ballet techniques. F GE-11

127 (1) Beginning Tap Dance

Fundamentals of tap dance techniques utilized in musical theatre. S GE-11

128 (1) Beginning Modern Dance

Fundamentals of beginning modern dance technique and improvisation. F GE-11

129 (1-2) Dance Activities

Performing in a Mainstage dance production. Pre: Consent F, S

200 (1) Careers in Theatre

Introduction to the various career opportunities directly in or appertaining to the theatrical arts. Pre: THEA 100 ALT-F

210 (3) Intermediate Acting

The process of character structuring through script analysis and scene work. Pre: THEA 110 or consent F

215 (2) Audition Methods

The development of a repertoire of audition pieces to increase the ability to perform with confidence on short notice. Pre: THEA 110 or consent. S

223 (2) Intermediate Jazz Dance

Expanding jazz dance technique moving into musical theatre dance combinations. Pre: THEA 123 or consent. GE-11 CD-Core F

225 (3) World Dance in Cultural Perspectives

Cross-cultural survey of dance with emphasis on historical, social, and anthropological dimensions. Including the interface of dance with race, gender and class. Pre: THEA 125, 126 or 128 ALT-S GE-8 CD-Core

226 (2) Intermediate Ballet

Expanding ballet technique with emphasis on longer and more complex adagio, petite allegro, and grand allegro sections. Pre: THEA 126 or consent S GE-11

227 (2) Intermediate Tape Dance

Expanding tap dance techniques including advanced combinations utilized in musical theatre. Pre: THEA 127 or consent F GE-11 CD-Core

228 (2) Intermediate Modern Dance

Expanding modern dance technique with emphasis on center floor combinations and longer, more complex travelings combinations. Pre: THEA 128 or consent. S GE-11

229 Kinetic Learning in the Classroom

Acquiring a fundamental understanding of dance/movement element skills, and applying these concepts to the pre-school through elementary school curriculum. Pre: THEA 101 and consent. F, S GE-11

235 (3) Fundamentals of Directing

Introduction to the theory and practice of directing for the theatre. Pre: THEA 100 or 101 or 110 F

240 (3) Basic Design

Introduction to the concepts, process, and practices of theatrical scenic, lighting, and costume design including script analysis and historical overviews. Pre: THEA 100 SAH

252 (3) Theatre Technology

Fundamental concepts of technical theatre; an overview of basic stagecraft, costuming, lighting, and sound in the contemporary theatre. Pre: THEA 100 S

255 (3) Stagecraft

Introduction to theory and practice of construction techniques used in theatre. Pre: THEA 100 ALT-F

260 (3) Costume Construction

Theory and techniques in stage costume construction. Pre: THEA 100 S

265 (2) Stage Makeup

Theory and practical laboratory work in stage makeup applications. Pre: Consent F

266 (1) Makeup Module

Exposes K-12 teachers to a practical methodology of applying stage makeup. Pre: Consent F

270 (3) Lighting Technology

The study of lighting technology and its effect on lighting design. Pre: THEA 100 F

275 (3) Sound Technology

The study of sound technology and its effect on sound design. Pre: THEA 100 F

285 (3) Theatre of Diversity

A survey of literature, artists and performances with specific regard to the theatre of diversity including, but not restricted to: Feminist Theatre, Gay and Lesbian Theatre, African American Theatre, Asian American Theatre, Hispanic Theatre, etc. ALT-S GE-1C, 6, 7 CD-Core

291 (1-4) Individual Study

Pre: Consent F, S

295 (1-4) Touring Theatre

Work on the actual mounting and performance of a touring theatrical production. Pre: Consent S

300 (1-4) Summer Stock

Technical work and/or acting in summer theatre productions. Pre: Consent, Sum

301 (1-2) Practicum: Directing

A considerable production responsibility which utilizes skills in script analysis, actor coaching, design coordination and general production management. Pre: Consent F,S

302 (1-2) Practicum: Acting

A considerable production responsibility dealing with the preparation and performance of a major acting role. Pre: Consent F, S

303 (1-2) Practicum: Theatre Management

Special assignments in stage management, house, and/or concessions management, public relations or related areas. Pre: Consent F, S

304 (1-2) Practicum: Scene Design

Preparation and execution of a major scene design assignment. Requires a design and construction schedule, preliminary and final design concepts, and necessary drafting details. Pre: Consent F, S

305 (1-2) Practicum: Tech Theatre

A considerable production responsibility dealing with some technical aspect including technical drawings, budget management, or construction techniques. Pre: Consent F, S

306 (1-2) Practicum: Costume Design

Full and assistant costume design assignments for theatre productions. Pre: Consent F, S

307 (1-2) Practicum: Costume Construction

The construction of costumes for theatre productions. Pre: Consent F, S

308 (1-2) Practicum: Light Design

Preparation and execution of a major lighting design assignment. Requires a design with appropriate schedules, supervision of hanging, focusing and cues. Pre: Consent F, S

309 (1-2) Practicum: Sound

Preparation and execution of a major sound design assignment including all sound effects, reinforcement and amplification. Pre: Consent F, S

321 (2) Dance Improvisation and Composition

Study of dance making, dance structure, dance accompaniment, and dance criticism through the creation of dance works. Pre: THEA 125, 126, and 228 ALT-F

324 (2) Methods and Materials for Teaching Creative Dance and Dramatics

Exploration of teaching creative dance and dramatics in the K-12 setting. Pre: THEA 121, 128 ALT-S

328 (2) Advanced Modern Dance/Company Class

Advanced modern dance technique with emphasis on performance skills, elevation and turns. Pre: THEA 228 F, S

329 (1) Dance Practicum

Individualized teaching experience of dance in the private or public sector. ALT-S

411 (3) Music Theatre

Introductory survey of American Musical Theatre history and repertoire, as well as performance techniques for the singing actor. Pre: Consent ALT-F

412 (1) Theatre Speech I

Study and exercises in vocal development emphasizing the demands of stage speech. Pre: THEA 210 or consent ALT-F

413 (1) Theatre Speech II

Continuation of Theatre Speech I. Pre: THEA 412 ALT-S

415 (3) Stage Dialects

A study and practice of vocal dialects most often used in performance. Pre: THEA 210 ALT-S

416 (3) Acting Scene Studies

Advanced scene studies with a focus on analysis and the varied approaches to developing motivations. Pre: THEA 210

417 (3) Acting Techniques

The development of individual performance craft and advanced acting methodologies. Pre: THEA 210 ALT-F

418 (3) Acting Styles

Advanced scene studies in classical and stylized dramatic literature. Pre: THEA 210 ALT-S

419 (3) Acting for Radio/TV

Development of performance craft for the media. Pre: THEA 210 ALT-F, ALT-S

424 (3) Dance Pedagogy

Pedagogy of ballet, modern, jazz and creative dance techniques. Includes rhythmic analysis, dance accompaniment and simulated teaching, and practicum situations. Applies to secondary through college-age populations. Pre: Consent ALT-S

425 (1) Styles of Motion

Specialized training in a variety of physical techniques. Pre: Consent ALT-F

426 (1) Stage Combat

An exploration of basic skills involved in unarmed combat and a variety of historical weapons systems with primary emphasis on theatricality and safety. Pre: Consent F

429 (1) Senior Dance Project

This course represents a culminating experience for all dance minors. Individually paced and directed, this project can take either choreographic or written (academic) form. Periodic meetings will occur between student and instructor to assess progress. Pre: Completion of all dance minor requirements. S

430 (3) Theatre Management

Exposes students to the functions of theatre managers through case studies, discussions, practical application and readings. Pre: THEA 235 ALT-S

435 (3) Advanced Directing Methods

Advanced studies in script analysis, actor psychology and staging techniques culminating in performance projects with critical analysis. Pre: THEA 235 S

440 (3) Scene Design I

Development of techniques and skills in the creation of scenery. Pre: THEA 252 or consent F

441 (3) Scene Design II

Refinement of model building and drawing skills in theatrical design. Pre: THEA 440 S

445 (3) Scene Painting

Provides information on materials and techniques of scenic painting with a large amount of lab time for experimentation with technique. Pre: THEA 252 or consent ALT-F

451 (3) Drafting for the Theatre

Enhances the advanced theatre studentÕs ability to show complex elements of a theatrical design in a clear manner using accepted theatrical drafting methods. Pre: THEA 255 or consent ALT-F

455 (3) Technical Direction

Explores all facets of technical direction, construction techniques, and project management. Pre: THEA 252 and 255 ALT-F

460 (3) Costume Design I

Theory and techniques in costume design and execution. Pre: THEA 252 or consent F

461 (3) Costume Design II

Advanced costume design theory and techniques. Pre: THEA 460 ALT-S

464 (3) Costume History

Survey of costume history from ancient Egypt to 1900. Pre: Consent S

465 (3) Advanced Make-Up

Practical application of advanced make-up techniques. Pre: THEA 265 ALT-S

470 (3) Lighting Design I

The study of lighting equipment, usage, techniques and stage lighting design. Pre: THEA 252 ALT-F, ALT-S

471 (3) Lighting Design II

Solving particular lighting design challenges. Pre: THEA 470 ALT-S

475 (3) Sound Design

Production and sound effects, electronic sound reinforcement of live performance, choice and operation of sound equipment, as well as basic music styles and terminology. Pre: THEA 252 S

481 (3) Theatre History I

Survey of theatrical history from its origins to 1700. Pre: THEA 100 ALT-S

482 (3) Theatre History II

Survey of theatrical history from 1700 to the present. Pre: THEA 100 ALT-S

492 (1-3) Theatre Field Studies

Pre: Consent

497 (1-8) Internship

Pre: Consent

499 (1-3) Individual Study

Pre: Consent