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Alumni Updates Grads 1986-1990

Bradford Clark

(posted 1-6-03)

Bradford is still at Bowling Green, but on sabbatical in Atlanta this year at the Center for Puppetry Arts (, doing all kinds of stuff. "I went to Tibet for a few weeks last summer with a group of visual artists, which was incredible—chance encounters with friendly nomads and monks galore," he writes. "I even had a couple nights in Shanghai and Beijing—first time in China since I was evacuated in '89—boy, has it changed—a Starbucks at every corner!!" He's been invited to present a paper on his various Balinese Tempest incarnations at a UNIMA puppetry conference in Delhi in March, but may not be able to get the funding together. It would allow him to do some preliminary research for a proposed Ramayana project in collaboration withh BGSU's gamelon ensemble.

Curt Enderle

BS 1987, Technical Theatre (posted 9-13-01)

Curt Enderle, whom Chairman Dr. Paul Hustoles terms "one of the most brilliant undergraduate set designers we have ever produced," just won a 2001 EMMY AWARD for his Art Direction for a short lived UPN cartoon called "Gary and Mike." When Curt was here, he was the ONLY student (undergrad or graduate) ever to design a full season of Highland Summer Theatre (in 1987, just before he headed off to grad school, he designed: Brighton Beach Memoirs, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Dial "M" for Murder and Two By Two). We also hired him back as a guest artist to design Amadeus in 1994. Read what The Reporter said.
Read what The Free Press reported.

Greta Grosch

BS Acting, 1989 (posted 9-13-01)

Greta, who returned to MSU in April to present part of her one-woman show to the Intro to Theatre class, will appear in Bingo at Minneapolis' Ordway Center for the Performing Arts September 18-December 9. The show is interactive, with the audience playing bingo along with the cast. Sounds a lot like another show Greta appeared in, Tony 'n' Tina's Wedding, at Hey City Stage. For tickets, contact another MSU alum, Kristina Miller (BS 2001).

Patricia Helsel

MFA Acting/Directing 1987(posted 7-30-01)

Patricia is currently Assistant Professor of Theatre and Speech Communication at University of Louisiana at Monroe. She and her husband, Roger Held, work closely in the department. Last summer they became the proud parents of Paper Moon Summer Theatre, where Patricia revived the role of Ruth (originally played at Highland Summer Theatre 1988) in Blithe Spirit. This summer she directed the female Odd Couple and played "M'Lynn" in Steel Magnolias. "To do this play just miles from where it is actually set is awesome," she writes. "I've now directed and performed in over 80 productions since graduating MSU. We have 2 sons, ages 6 and 8. The older son is a born director. And the younger one is, naturally, an actor. We're looking forward to next year's season which will include Midsummer Night's Dream and an original work by Chicago/Atlanta playwright, Evan Blake, called Enigma Variations."

Michael Lonergan

BS, 1990(posted 1-4-02)

Michael reports that he has left directing in the dust. After finishing his M.F.A in Directing from Purdue University he moved to New York where he started a theater company, Village Repertory Theater. The company kicked and screamed for 5 years and received an Obie Award for its co-production with the National Theater of the Deaf of Hamlet.

Michael has directed theater at Playwrights Horizons Studio Theater, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Village Repertory Theater, NADA, HERE, and Chicago Dramatists to name a few. He has also directed several operas with Seattle Opera, OperaWorks, Ohio Light Opera, Cleveland Opera, National Opera of Tokyo and Opera North. For the past three years he has been working on the staging staff for New York City Opera and he is currently the Rehearsal Administrator for the company.

Doug Molash

MFA 1989, (posted 12-5-01)

Doug is no longer in Miami; he says he received an offer he couldn't refuse from Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah, and made the move in July. "I am in designer pig heaven here! Great department, great students and so much support from all plus the Utah Shakespeare Festival!"

Mary Rhopa La Cierra

MFA, 1988 (posted 1-6-03)

Mary announced in her Christmas greeting that she is going to retire at the end of this school year. She wants to get back to her quilting. She figures that she has designed costumes for about 90 shows since she graduated with her MFA from MSU. She's ready for a break!

Tom Sonnek and Christine Moen

BS, Acting/Directing, 1989 (new 6-13-01)

Tom and Chrissy announce the birth of a baby girl in May, Ruby Lillian Sonnek. As of his writing, Tom reports they were in the middle of A Middsummer Night's Dream which their theatre company, Subterranean Theatre Company, presents free in outdoor venues around Southern California. For more information about Subterranean, visit their web site at or e-mail them at In case you missed it, Chrissy returned to Highland Summer Theatre in 2003 to present Land of the White Foreheads.

Timothy Werner

BS 1989

Tim is in Hollywood (where he's known as Timothy Storms) and reports that he's still teaching gymnastics to the stars, though that career was on hiatus after the gym burned down. In the meantime, his acting career has bloomed. He writies: "After training a little-known actor named Laurence Fishburne for a small film called 'The Matrix,' I renewed my martial arts career ..." Then, "I was hired to do a stunt for a new John Travolta movie called 'Swordfish,' but ended up actually doing a scene with John himself, playing a bank manager, with John smashing me into a wall with a Hummer."

(Posted 8-13-02)

After completing his training for "Bulletproof Monk," Tim started training actors and stunt people for a movie called "Cradle to the Grave." He also has a role in the movie and fights action superstar Jet Li. He has a recurring (though non-speaking, so far) role as an evil alien, a Suliban, in Star Trek, Enterprise.

(Posted 1-2-02)

Following his work with John Travolta on "Swordfish," Timothy Storms went to a role in HBO's "Point of Origin" with Ray Liotta. He says he plays Bobby, the store clerk, and gets to have a death scene in a fire.

After spending three weeks in China for martial arts training and touring, he returned to open a new martial arts/stunt school. He's currently working pre-production on John Woo's upcoming "Bulletproof Monk" with Chow Yun Fat. It also stars James King and Seann William Scott, who is from Minnesota (remember, Tim is from New Ulm). He says he is training the actors in all aspects of physical training, filming in Toronto, which may limit his opportunity to act.

Right after China he played "Puck" in A Midsummer Night's Dream (for the second time); he's featured in a segment called "Behind the Screens" for AMC, which should air in January; and he's slated to play a lead character in an unnamed feature next summer. In addition, he's in negotiations to choreograph "Daredevil" with Ben Affleck in the spring.

(posted 1-6-03)

A bit of advice from Tim to aspiring actors: "I've been very blessed with lots of work. If you want to get a job here in Hollywood, just go on vacation." The minute he started making plans, the auditions and offers started to roll in. He worked on a couple of independent films during the holidays, and he played a vampire in an internet series called "The Hunted." He started the year working on "Bulletproof Monk," training Seann Scott and Jamie King. It stars Chow Yun Fat and should be out this spring. He segued right into "Cradle to the Grave," for which he trained everyone and plays the fight referee. That should also be out this spring. He choreographed a Japanese razor commercial, helped the stunt team on "Charlie's Angels II," appeared on "Star Trek Enterprise" twice (as a Suliban Warrior) and did the training for Tobey Maguire's new film, "Seabiscuit." "I filled up my spare time with lots of other fun projects, like more TV shows and movies. And live theatre. It was nice to get back to my roots." He did the fight choreography for an award-winning original play called Red Thread, which was an interesting blend of Chinese Opera, Hong Kong movie choreography and stage combat.